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When you buy a DRV luxury suite, you are buying a home. You are buying comfort, safety and quality. DRV’s principles were founded on a quality product and lifetime satisfaction of the customer. DRV was founded in 2003, and for over a decade of existence, their vision has not wavered. They have always been aware that the customer is the most important part of their recipe. And thus they aim to manufacture only the best of RVs for you!

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DRV’s goal each year is to improve their products to meet the new demands that customers are looking for when buying a new home. A quality DRV dealer like Dennis Dillon RV works hard to listen to customers and find out what they need so that they can deliver on the promise to deliver the highest quality products around.

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DRV luxury suites are certainly some of the classiest fifth wheel recreational vehicles that you can find. And if you’re in need of an affordable dealership to provide you with said luxury suites, then DDRV is the one and only place to be! We’ll get you great deals on great DRV trailers. What’s more, we’ll give you only the best of service, too!

Come and find out for yourself why Dennis Dillon is the premier choice of DRV dealer around!