INFOGRAPHIC: Your RV Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has sprung once again! That means it’s time to thaw out your RV from its slumber in winter storage with some RV spring cleaning!

Even if you had covered up your RV during this off-season, it’s likely still going to need a thorough cleaning and check-up before you’re ready to head out on your trips again.

To help in this endeavour, we here at Dennis Dillon RV & Marine have crafted an in-depth checklist of what you’ll need to do to make sure that your RV spring cleaning session ticks all the necessary boxes.

Check out our infographic below:

infographic rv spring cleaning

Follow the steps in this RV spring cleaning checklist and you’re sure to have your RV in tip-top shape! When or if you need any help in ensuring your RV is properly repaired and maintained, we’re here to help.

Dennis Dillon RV has an award winning service department that will go above and beyond to service you. Not only that, we have the best prices on RV service specials, too! So come down to Dennis Dillon RV today, in California or Idaho, and we’ll take care of you!