BMW Motorcycle Dealership


German precision. It’s something that BMW has been delivering since 1916. While they might be better known for cars and SUVs, there’s no denying that BMW also makes some of the world’s greatest motorcycles. 

From powerful road bikes to off road adventure, and everything in between, there’s something in the BMW motorcycle range for everyone, and you can find them all at Dennis Dillon Powersports. 

History of BMW Motorcycles


BMW has been making motorcycles for a very long time. They started making engines for other manufacturers in 1921 and followed that with their own motorcycles in 1923. 

In 1937, a speed record that stood for 14 years was set on a BMW motorcycle. Later, BMW off road bikes used in North Africa during WW2 would inspire the designs of iconic brands like Indian and Harley Davidson. 

BMW motorcycles have never quite reached the same level of cult status as those brands, but there’s no denying that they are a considerable part of the history of the motorcycle and will undoubtedly be a big part of it’s future too. They may have been an early pioneer in the motorcycle world, but in many ways, they’re still leading the pack. 

BMW Motorcycle Choices


Some motorcycle manufacturers focus on a particular type of bike. Harley Davidson builds big, heavy cruising bikes full of grunt and torque. Ducati makes motorcycles that uphold the reputation for Italian motor racing speed and excellence. KTM is well known for their off-road motorcycles that dominate in all the big off-road races. 

But BMW, having been around so long, has something for everyone in their stable, and you’ll find them all represented at Dennis Dillon Powersports

Sport Bikes

If you are looking for a racing machine that will take you around even the toughest roads at blistering speeds, then the BMW sport motorcycle lineup is what you should be looking at when you visit our BMW motorcycle dealership. There are a variety of engine sizes and specifications available in the range, but all are perfectly balanced and made to break records. 

Tour Bikes 


If you visit or the showroom at Dennis Dillon Powersports looking for a tour bike, the BMW range will not disappoint. They’re the perfect combination of comfort and speed, with legendary reliability. So, if you want to see the country from the seat of a motorcycle, a BMW tour bike is one of the best choices you could make. 



Not quite a sport bike, and not quite a tourer. The BMW range of roadsters offers something in between. They’re fast, they’re technologically advanced, and they had all the build quality and safety features you expect from a BMW motorcycle in a sleek, contemporary design. 

Heritage Motorcycle Dealership


Let’s face it. Some of the coolest bikes ever made were made a long time ago. But unless you’re a whiz in the garage, maintaining them can be tough. The BMW range of heritage bikes has all the classic styling and great looks of classic bikes, with the smart technology and superb build quality of their new range. 



When you prefer the road less travelled – or no road at all – there’s still a BMW motorcycle for you. The adventure range of BMW motorcycles includes a variety of off-road models that you can ride into the mountains, and then take off onto rougher tracks. There’s no better way to see the wilderness or the desert than form the back of a BMW motorcycle! 

Urban Mobility


Motorcycles make a lot of sense in cities. They’re easy to maneuver, light on gas and easy to park. But if you like style with your practicality, you probably need something like the sleek models from the BMW motorcycles range of urban mobility options. Because yes, you can make your commute sexy on the right bike. 

Our BMW Motorcycle Dealership


The Dennis Dillon Powersports BMW motorcycle dealership sells BMW motorcycles, but we’re more than just salespeople. We’re passionate about getting out on the open road and doing it on two wheels. 

That’s why we can offer our customers the best advice to get them onto exactly the right BMW motorcycle model. We’re also great at getting our customers a good deal, and arranging financing, so you can drive away on your new bike with easy monthly payments. 

We’ve even got occasional preowned BMW motorcycles that are inspected from front to back, so you only get the best, most reliable preowned models. 

So, if you’re in the market for a new or used BMW motorcycle, or even parts and accessories for a motorcycle you already own, the BMW motorcycle dealership at Dennis Dillon Powersports in Boise, Idaho is the place to be. We’ll make sure you find the right motorcycle. Because with legendary quality and reliability, there’s a good chance that motorcycle is made by BMW.