Ducati Dealership


When you want a motorcycle that is built for speed, there’s nothing quite like a Ducati. Since 1926, this Italian motorcycle manufacturer has been setting the benchmark for road and sport bikes. Whether you want one in classic bright red or something else, if you’re looking in Boise, Idaho, you will find it at our Ducati Dealership

Why Buy a Ducati? 


Some people walk into Dennis Dillon Powersports absolutely certain that a Ducati is the motorcycle of their dreams. Some need a little more information. 

There are several reasons why people choose to buy a Ducati at DDRV.com. 

The first is that it’s the epitome if Italian motorcycle racing. There might be motorcycles that are bigger. There might be some that are faster. But a Ducati has all the history of Italian bikes built for speed. It’s as much about the feeling of owning a Ducati as it is about the feeling of riding one. There’s nothing else like it. 

The next important reason why so many people love a Ducati is that with nearly 100 years’ experience building the best motorcycles on the market, you can’t come close to the technology or build quality you will find in a Duc. Everything is perfectly balanced, absolutely perfectly shaped, and designed to last a lifetime. 

Ducati’s are more than just motorcycles. They’re the feeling of freedom you get when you’re on a wide-open road. They’re a bike you can pass down to your children one day. They’re the bike of a lifetime, and everyone should own one at least once. 

Ducati Motorcycle Models


When you buy a Ducati, you know you’re getting a motorcycle that is going to give you a riding experience you just can’t get anywhere else. But you might also what to know what you can find at your Ducati dealership. Here at Dennis Dillon Powersports, we sell 11 different Ducati models, including:

Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled, which is a road legal motorcycle with elevated suspension and chunkier tires, to give you that scrambler ride. With so much ground clearance, they’re also very at home on the trail, and they come with a good dose of adrenaline built right in! 

Ducati Monster Plus, a modern road bike with just a touch of classic styling. This bike features a powerful V-twin engine and performs well on city roads or out of town. This year, Ducati lightened up the frame and several other components, which makes the 937cc engine that much more equipped to provide the speed Ducati riders love. This might be the “entry level” option in the Ducati road bike line up, but you won’t be disappointed when you take it out on the road. 

Ducati Panigale, which is marketed with the tagline “science of speed.” This motorcycle does not disappoint. In fact, if you’re not already a seasoned racer, you might find that the top end and mind-bending speed this motorcycle serves up is a little daunting. The V4, 1103cc engine is modelled on MotoGP racers, and it definitely delivers. 

DDRV.com and the showroom at Dennis Dillon Powersports has several other models on hand though. So, whether you’re looking for something at the tamer end of the spectrum or a true racing masterpiece, you’ll find it here. 

New Motorcycles, Parts and Accessories


When it comes to Ducati motorcycles, Dennis Dillon Powersports specializes in matching riders with the motorcycle of their dreams. We stock new motorcycles from this manufacturer, but we also have an inventory of over 200 parts and accessories for Ducati motorcycles. 

So, when you visit our Ducati dealership, you can view the models that interest you on the floor and discuss your options with our skilled team. But we can also help you to maintain, upgrade and repair your motorcycle when you need to. 

From new batteries to GPS kits, and sprocket sets to tie down straps, if it’s a Ducati accessory, you’ll find it here. 

Why a New Ducati?


You might be tempted to see what’s out there in the secondhand Ducati marketplace, and, if you’re great at mechanical repairs and upgrades, that might be an option. 

However, we always recommend that customers at our Ducati Dealership consider opting for a new Ducati instead of used. As a high-performance motorcycle, there’s always a chance that the previous owner might not have taken great care of their bike over the years. Or worse, they might have had an accident that left damage that’s not easily visible. If you’re not a mechanical expert, it’s usually not a good idea to gamble on a used motorcycle – especially not a Ducati. 

Plus, with easy financing and great deals on the world’s best motorcycles, Dennis Dillon Powersports can get you onto a brand-new motorcycle that will be all yours. After all, when you’re buying a dream motorcycle, don’t you want to be the first person to really open it up on the highway?