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Our Pontoon Boats are located at our Boise, Idaho location, where our friendly staff are waiting for you to come find your new favorite mode of transportation. Currently, our Pontoon inventory includes the beautiful, reliable, and comfortable LE Series by Trifecta.


Trifecta Pontoons

Trifecta Pontoons is a proud member of the Forest River Marine family. When Forest River, Inc. was backed by Berkshire Hathaway in 2005, together they became a united force that was far more capable of providing distinct value to their beloved customers.

Being more focused on their customers’ satisfaction than on their revenue or the number of units sold is what makes Trifecta unique; they take pride in building relationships with all of their customers, delivering the perfect Pontoon for each individual’s preferences and needs. 

With their unique construction model, Trifecta Pontoons are 40% lighter and twice as strong as other pontoons on the market. They put every possible effort into creating a reliable, comfortable, enjoyable experience for anyone who is lucky enough to own one of their boats. 

At, we are proud to provide Pontoons from Trifecta’s LE series. The LE series is based upon affordability, but without skimping on the quality. In fact, many of the features you’ll find on the LE series Pontoons are also included in their higher-end models. 

Trifecta doesn’t believe in sacrificing quality for value, and their LE series reflects that in every way. From top-quality construction all the way down to features, the LE series will not disappoint.


Available Trifecta Models at our Boise, Idaho dealership:


2022 Trifecta LE Series 22RF


The 22RF LE is one of the largest Pontoons in the LE series, only one size down from the largest. Its 20.5’ deck length is the majority of its 22’ overall length, giving it the capacity to hold up to 11 passengers, or 1,505 lbs. Its 150 hp engine gives you enough power to pull across the water with ease and grace, gliding comfortably towards your destination or floating wherever the water takes you. 

Only you will know just how affordable the 22RF is; to look at it says much different. With features such as reinforced splash fins, unique “V-Lite” performance deck, and stainless-steel reclining helm seats, the phrase entry level takes on a whole new meaning. For value and quality that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, the Trifecta LE Series 22RF is a beautiful way to spend your time on the water. 

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2022 Trifecta LE Series 24TRFC


The 24TRFC is the largest of the LE series. At a whopping 24’ overall length and a 22.5’ deck length, there’s capacity for 12 people or 1,785 lbs. This means you can bring the whole family along for a day out on the water, and a few friends, too! Its 150 hp engine is just the right amount of power for a relaxing day out, gliding across the water at the perfect pace.

With its many features including a 10’ color matched Bimini top, Clarion radio, LED Navigation lights and 27-gallon direct fill fuel tank, this Pontoon is anything but entry level. In fact, the only thing entry level about it is the affordable price, and the value you’ll get will make you forget just how affordable this model is! For a Pontoon large enough to bring the whole crew along without the large price tag, the 24TRFC is a very smart choice for your water-loving lifestyle.

Check here for specs and pricing information is ready to help you with all of your questions, and we’re dedicated to making sure you find the perfect Pontoon Boat for your needs. Whether you love to fish, travel down river, or just spend the day on the water with your friends and family to relax, we’ve got your needs covered.

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