Powersports DEALERSHIP

Powersports can be an exhilarating, adrenaline-producing, and freeing activity. Feeling the wind on your face while speeding along on your powersport vehicle of choice is comparable to no other feeling in the world.

Whether your preference is ATVs, motorcycles (on or off-road), jet skis or snowmobiles, DDRV.com is proud to be your powersports dealer, and we’d love to help get you going on the road to freedom. That’s right, we’re much more than just boats and RVs!

Here are a few examples of the powersports waiting for you at our Boise, Idaho dealership:



All-terrain vehicles are designed to handle the roughest of roads, and are predominantly used to traverse bumpy, winding dirt trails. If you’re not into off-road biking or simply want a more stable way to trail ride, an ATV might be perfect for you! Some examples of our inventory include:

2021 Arctic Cat Alterra 90

The Alterra is the perfect way to introduce your junior ATVer to the off-roading lifestyle! When safety is priority number one (as it should be), this model will give you the peace of mind you need.

With features like an adjustable throttle, speed-limiting governor and parent-friendly controls, the Alterra will bring smiles to the faces of your kids as well as confidence in their safety for yourself!

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2021 Can Am Maverick Mav XRS Turbo RR S-S

The Maverick is designed to get you where you need to go, and as quickly as possible. With its 195-horsepower engine you’ll fly over those hilly trails, wind in your face and all.

The full roof helps shield you from the elements, and the LED head/taillights make sure you can still navigate the terrain if you stay out later than you planned. There are plenty of features to love about the Maverick!

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As much feared as they are coveted, anyone who has been fortunate enough to ride a motorcycle knows the thrill that comes along with it. There’s nothing more freeing! Whether you prefer road bikes or dirt bikes, the feeling is the same: incomparable. Some examples of our inventory include:

2021 Beta RR Race 480

For off-road biking, the RR Race 480 has everything you need. From its 6-speed transmission to the single cylinder 4 valve engine, you’re sure to find yourself smiling as you jump those dirt ramps with ease!

Customize your biking experience with its backup kick start option and revel in its gloriously aerodynamic design, all while you leave your competitors in the dust! 

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2021 BMW Motorcycle G310 R

As agile as it is striking to look at, the G310 R handles your road biking needs with ease and grace. Its lightweight design brings precision to your ride, allowing you to easily shift from city streets to wide open areas without batting an eye.

Its new Ride by Wire system creates a stable throttle response and the self-reinforcing slipper clutch makes switching gears a breeze, so you can focus on the most important thing: enjoying your ride!

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Jet Skis

The jet ski is the epitome of a great summer vacation. Whether you’re speeding across a local lake or making your way out to some ocean waves, flying across the water with abandon is an awesome way to make some unforgettable summer memories! Some examples of our inventory include:

2021 Sea Doo Spark 2UP 900HO/IBR/TRIXX J/P

Created with the water enthusiast in mind, the Spark Trixx makes jumps, spins and dunks easier than ever before. With its one-of-a-kind features and eye-catching design, you’ll turn heads as you fly by!

With its exclusive extended range variable trim system you’ll have more control of the nose, making it easier (and more fun!) to pull off your tricks in style. 

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2021 Sea Doo GTR 230 W/Sound

Nothing says summer like crashing through the waves, and what better way to compliment your fun than to add your favorite tunes? This is what the GTR 230 brings; its waterproof Bluetooth Audio-Premium System means you can create the ultimate summer vibe.

All of these powersports and much, much more are available for your enjoyment at our Boise, Idaho location.

With DDRV.com as your powersports dealership, we’re confident that we can help you find your perfect match. Contact us today and we’ll help you get on the road, trail, water or snow tomorrow!