Snow Mobile Dealership


There’s no denying that we get a fair amount of snow in Boise, Idaho. But while you might dread the white stuff right now, when you’ve got a new snowmobile to take out on the trails, you’re definitely not going to feel quite the same way! 

Snowmobiles are a fantastic way to take winter from grey and gloomy to your favorite time of the year, and our snow mobile dealership and are a great place to find the perfect snowmobile for your needs! 

Types of Snowmobiles


Many of the people who visit our snow mobile dealership already have a good idea what they are looking for – but we also get a few people who are brand new to the sport. Fortunately, our team really knows their snow mobile stuff, and we carry a large variety of models, such as:

Work Snowmobiles


Yes, most people get a snow mobile so they can hit the trails and have some fun. But there are also some customers who need to use their snow mobiles for work. We’ve got quite a few makes and models that are reliable workhorses and can be used every day to get the job done. 

Touring Snowmobiles


If you plan to take a longer trip on your snowmobile, there are a few features that you might want. These include things like heated seats, communication systems, MP3, and GPS, as well as reverse gear and a bigger windshield. If you want to take your snow mobile for a tour, talk to our snow mobile dealership team, so we can make sure you get all the creature comforts that will make the trip memorable for all the right reasons. 

Trail Snowmobiles


Just like dirt bikes and scramblers, there are snowmobiles that are built to take rougher trails in their stride. Our range of trail snowmobiles will perform perfectly on groomed snow but can also handle terrain that’s a little rougher. 

They’re also usually lighter and a little cheaper than some of the other models, and have faster acceleration, so you can take off easily on even the steepest trails. 

Performance Snowmobiles


Performance snowmobiles are built for speed. Their engines are bigger, their frames are lighter and stronger, and they’re made to tear up the trails at blistering speeds. If you want a snowmobile that will get you down the trail at lightning speeds and get the adrenaline flowing, talk to the team at our snow mobile dealership or on We’ve got the right machine for you! 

Mountain Snowmobiles


Whether you’re planning a trip to the Rockies, or prefer something a little closer to home, there’s no denying that mountains are one of the best places to take your snow mobile! Mountain snow mobiles are designed and built to be perfect for mountain terrain. These purpose-built snowmobiles have bigger, higher horsepower engines that perform perfectly, even at higher altitudes. 

Crossover Snowmobiles


Crossover snowmobiles are a great choice if you love being on the trails, but also want something that can take you places off the trail. They have a longer track, and purpose made lugs, so they can ride easily on top of even fresh powder. So, if you want a snowmobile that can take you anywhere, this might be the one! 

Choosing the Right Snowmobile


If you’re an experienced snowmobiler, and you know exactly where you want to go, you might arrive at our snow mobile dealership knowing exactly what you want. But even if you have no idea what you need, and you’ve only ever hit the snow on a rental, our team of snow mobile specialists can help. 

We’ll help you to decide between new or used options and find one that has the right engine size and body type for you. We can even advise you on the best models for youth or smaller people, so if you’re planning to take the whole family out on the slopes, we’ve got you covered there too! 

Snowmobile Brands


There are a few very well-known snowmobile brands on the market. They’re the ones that have really set the benchmark, and you can’t go wrong with any of these options. 

Some of the brands we stock on the floor at our snow mobile dealership and online at include Skiddoo, Arctic Cat and Polaris, and we carry everything from entry level to top of the line models. 

Our team will even help you to find the right financing plan, so you can ride out into the great white wilderness with easy monthly payments. So, if you’re in the market for a machine that will turn winter into your favorite season, come pay us a visit. There’s nothing like seeing the world from the back of a snow mobile to change the way you see winter!