Surf Boat Dealership


If you’re dreaming of a hot summer on the lake, but you want a little adventure built right in, there’s nothing quite like wake surfing. A surf boat of your own will give you endless hours of adrenaline pumping fun on the water, and our surf boat dealership has the right boat for you. 

New and Used Surf Boats


Our surf boat dealership and carries both new and used surf boats. New boats are a great choice if you like the added protection of manufacturers warranties. But since our used surf boats are carefully inspected from end to end, you can be sure they’re a great deal too. Plus, you can often get more boat for your money when you choose a used surf boat. 

Surf Boat Sizes


We know that sometimes, you need a bigger boat, to accommodate more people. Which is why we carry a range of different surf boat sizes at our surf boat dealership. Choose something smaller for smaller groups and families or ask about a larger boat to accommodate your whole crew! 

Engine Sizes and Hull Designs


Of course, the whole point of a surf boat is to create a great wake, so you get better surfing. There are several things that can add to the wakeboarding experience you have from your boat. 

The Right Engine Size


Great wake surfing depends a lot on the engine size of the boat. Bigger, more powerful engines help boats to move faster, and to churn up the water at the same time. The team at our surf boat dealership and can help you to choose the right boat, with the right engine, to guarantee that you get the best possible waves. 

Hull Designs


Surf boat hull designs have evolved a lot over the years. Deeper hulls with higher gunwales and freeboards churn up the water better, creating bigger, better waves. Which means that when you hit the water, you’ll get more exciting surf! Our team of surf boat experts can help you to choose the right hull design from our lineup of premium surf boats, so you always get the most exciting surf. A deep V hull is the design to choose when you’re shopping for a new surf boat – because it will ensure you get the best possible surf. 

Length and Span 


Another big factor in ensuring you get the best possible surf from your surf boat is the length and span of the boat. Just a few feet can make all the difference, but you should also take into account the skill of the wakeboarders who will be hitting the water. 

A milder, more moderate surfing experience might be a better choice for families, but if you’re a real adrenaline junkie, you’ll want to go all in. Our team of surf boat specialists can help you to choose the boat that will create just the right number of waves for the skill level of your surfers. 

Comfort and Style


Of course, not everyone is going to hit the water. There will be some people heading out on your surf boat who just want to watch (or film the action.) It’s important to choose a surf boat that has something for everyone. 

Comfortable seats, somewhere safe and dry to stow your important items and of course, some kind of shade for those extra hot days on the lake are all features you should look for in your surf boat. Added features like board storage, so you can keep your wake boards safely stowed when you’re on the move is also important. 

Our Surf Boat Dealership and our surf boat dealership is all about getting our customers in the right boat for their needs. So, we’ll talk to you about your family, friends, and your wake surfing skills. We’ll even find out which lakes you love to visit – because the wider and more open the space, the bigger and speedier your boat can be. 

We work hard to make sure that every customer who visits our surf boat dealership showroom (in person or online) finds the perfect boat for their needs. With enough seats for everyone, and an engine that will give them just the right amount of wake. 

Our team of experts will also help to ensure that you get the right financing deal for your surf boat, and if you ever want to trade your boat in for a bigger (or smaller!) model, we’re happy to talk about that too. Because when you buy a surf boat, you want to talk to someone who knows about boats, but also cares about all the other stuff. 

So, you can walk out of our showroom with the perfect boat, and spend many happy, adrenaline filled hours on the water in your new surf boat.