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The Service Promise! is dedicated to providing our customers with the best, whether that may be helping you to choose your perfect new coach, or providing repairs and services to get your RV back on the road safely, securely, and affordably! At DDRV we offer a great variety of RV services, including:

Motorized RV Maintenance

Inspect Fan Belts
Inspect Radiator & Heater Hoses
Inspect Air Filter (gas only)
Inspect Air Filter Gauge (diesel only)
Inspect Window Seals & Sealant
Inspect Polarity & Voltage
Inspect Operation of Exterior Lights
Inspect Directional Signals
Inspect Dump Valve
Check & Inspect Engine Support Fasteners
Check Alternator, Battery & Starter
Check Transmission Hose Routing for Chaffing
Check & Inspect Suspension
Inspect Suspension Height Control Valve
Check & Inspect Suspension U-bolt Torque
Check & Inspect Oil Level of Oil-Filled Hubs
Check & Inspect Axle Seals for Leaks
Check & Inspect Axle Breather
Check & Inspect Brake System Valves
Check Bendix Hydromax Brake System
Check & Inspect Air Brakes
Inspect Hydraulic Disc or Air Brake Lines
Check Hydraulic Disc Brake Lining For Wear
Inspect Fuel Tank Mounts & Fuel Lines
Check & Inspect Exhaust System
Check & Inspect AC Components
Check House & Converter Charging System
Check & Top Off Fluid Levels
Inspect Dates & Condition of Tires

Test Water Pump & City Water
Clean & Sanitize Gray & Black Tanks
Fill Fresh Water
Clean & Flush Outside Radiator Coils
Clean Washer Nozzles
Clean, Repack & Adjust Wheel Bearings
Check & Clean Ground Cables

Towable RV Maintenance

Inspect Outside Lights — Includes Repairing 2 Lights
Inspect Roof Membrane Condition & Sealant
Inspect Body & Window Sealants
Inspect Roof AC Coils
Inspect Awnings
Inspect Shackles & Springs
Check Charging System
Check 110 Polarity
Check Tires & Adjust Tire Pressures Per Unit’s Tag Requirements
Inspect Breakaway Switch & Perform Amp Draw on Brakes
Check Brakes
Check Bearings & Repack

…And More!

Service House & Chassis Batteries
Service Water Heater
Service Refrigerator
Service Stove
Service Furnace
Service Aqua-Hot® (diesel only)
Service Slides & Jacks
Service Air Tank System
Service Air Dryer
Inspect & Service Pacbrake
Complete Lubrication of Chassis
Charge Air Cooler Inspection & Cleaning
Change Transmission Fluid & Filter
Adjust Tire Pressures
Lubricate Entry Step
Lubricate Throttle Pedal Pivot Pin
Lubricate ZF IFS
Lubricate Camshaft Bracket Bushing
Lubricate Foot Brake Valve Actuator
Lubricate Meritor Roll Pin
Lubricate Drag Link
Lubricate Bosch Brake Caliper Slide Pin
Change Axle Lubricant
Clean & Lubricate Slack Adjusters
Replace Engine Oil & Oil Filter
Replace Generator Oil & Oil Filter
Replace Generator Air Filter
Replace Generator Fuel Filter
Replace Engine Air Filter
Replace Engine Fuel Filter
Replace Water Separator (diesel only)
Replace Wiper Blades
Replace Hydraulic Filters (diesel only)
Clean or Replace AC Filters
Lubricate Antenna Gears
Lubricate Locks & Latches
Lubricate Entry Steps
Service Batteries
Service Slides & Jacks
Service Water Heater
Service Refrigerator
Service Furnace
Clean & Lube Coupler
Flush & Deodorize Holding Tanks
Replace Inner Seals on Axles
Remove Rooftop Sealant & Reseal Roof
For all your maintenance and servicing needs, the one and only place to come to is Dennis Dillon RV!