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RV Trader

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5th wheel dealer

5th Wheel Dealer

A 5th wheel is a great choice for your road trip or camping needs for a variety of reasons. Whether you want to save gas, keep your options more open with regards to your driving needs, or simply prefer a hitch that turns more efficiently, a 5th wheel is an option to consider, without a doubt.

Named for its original 1850’s horse-drawn design, the 5th wheel was invented to increase turning capacity and maneuverability. The term carried over when the motor vehicle version was invented and has since then become the lovable version you know today.

At, we understand your reasons for loving 5th wheels, which is why we have such a wide selection in our inventory. Whether you choose to visit our Orange County dealership or our Boise counterpart, we’re sure we can find what you need as your 5th wheel dealer!

A few examples of the 5th wheels offers are listed for you here:

Outdoors RV

Founded in 2009, Outdoors makes a bold statement through their RVs. With an emphasis on “four season, mountain tough” camping, Outdoors produces world class RVs with the happiness of their customers in mind.

With a selection of four different series to suit every camper’s needs, you can’t go wrong when you go Outdoors RV!

An Example of Our Available Outdoors Models:

2022 Outdoors RV Glacier Peak F27KVS

A proud member of the Anniversary Series, the 2022 Glacier Peak is no stranger to rugged terrain. It out-performs less capable competitors with its off-roading capabilities, thanks to its custom-built off-road chassis and off-road suspension package.

With features such as thermal pane windows and triple layer roof insulation it’s expertly designed to handle all four seasons right along with you, giving you the peace of mind that you’ll be comfortable, no matter the weather.

Check here for specs and pricing information

Available at our Boise dealership

Highland Ridge RV

 Their mission is to provide consumers with affordable RVs without skimping on the quality of construction, and that’s exactly what they do.

Highland Ridge invites you to “own the outdoors” with their lightweight, spacious floor models, and are true pioneers of many of the RV industry’s advancements, including the outdoor patio and flush floor slide.

An Example of Our Available Highland Ridge Models:

2021 Mesa Ridge Limited MF295BHS

If you’re looking for a lightweight 5th wheel that doesn’t compromise on features, the Mesa Ridge Limited is a smart choice. From a private bunk house for some peace and quiet to the 39-inch LED TV complete with theater seats for family enjoyment, this model really has it all.

Check here for specs and pricing information

Available at our Boise dealership 

Forest River

Founded in 1996 with the vision of helping people create better RVs, Forest River has since grown into one of the largest RV manufacturers in North America. Their mission is to help all of their owners “enjoy their RV experience to the fullest,” and they appear to be doing just that.

Having high standards for their product is something Forest River takes pride in, and they ensure this by testing each unit in multiple ways before giving it their seal of approval.

An Example of Our Available Forest River Models:

2021 Forest River Sabre 37FLH

For a true home away from home with all of the comforts included, you can’t go wrong with the Sabre. With features such as heat and massage theater seating and double vanity in the master bath, the whole family will feel right at home while on the road!

Additional options for this model include solar panels, an additional ac unit and king size bed, to make your 5th wheel as customized as you like for your ultimate camping experience.  

Check here for specs and pricing information

Available at our Orange County dealership

Whether you’re an experienced 5th wheeler or are just setting out to find your first, we have plenty of options for you to choose from at, your proud 5th wheel dealer. These are just a few examples of what you’ll find, and whether you’re visiting us in Orange County or Boise, we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

At we have the answers to your many questions and are happy to walk you through your decision. Contact us today for pricing, inventory, or any other information you might need. We’ll help you get on the road!

Best Class A Dealer


Want to get away? Pack your family into a Pleasure-Way motorhome and hit the road! 

Whether you just want a quick weekend getaway or have a longer trip planned, we’re confident we can find you the perfect fit for your traveling needs. Pleasure-Way is a family owned and operated business, expertly crafting motorhomes for on-the-go families since 1986. They really know what their customers want in a motorhome, and over deliver on their word. For this reason, is proud to be your Pleasure-Way Dealer!

Something for Everyone 

Whether you’re into camping, road trips or just plain old exploring, is happy to help find the perfect match for your travels. With several models and floorplans to choose from there’s something for everyone, from the beginner road explorer to the camping expert. More compact than a standard trailer but just as roomy and comfortable, everything you need is wrapped up into one safe, convenient and stylish package. You really can’t go wrong with Pleasure-Way motorhomes

A Memorable Experience, Every Time is a Pleasure-Way dealer because we know you’ll have the best possible camping experience with one of these state-of-the-art motorhomes. The high-quality standard of craftsmanship put into every Pleasure-Way ensures your travels will be enjoyable, hassle free and comfortable. Let us help you bring your traveling dreams to life with your new home away from home. Take in the scenery, explore the countryside and travel to new places while feeling right at home. Create new memories with your loved ones to cherish for years to come, all from the comfort of your fabulous new Pleasure-Way!


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