Boating is one of the best ways to enjoy a summer day. The splashes of water, the cool breeze and the sparkling sun all come together to create the best possible summer memories; a truly invigorating — but also relaxing — experience to remember. has an extensive inventory of boats at our Boise, Idaho dealership that are just waiting for you to take them for a spin! A few of our available selections include:


Surf Boats

Surf boats do exactly as their name suggests: they glide over the surf. Used in life saving operations on the water as well as fun water activities like wake boarding, they’re a super fun way to spend the day on the water. They’re typically large enough to traverse the waves and can hold several people, so you can bring the whole crew along to join in your water fun! Some of our available surf boats include:


2021 Centurion RI RI245

With its gorgeously sleek design and comfortable interior, anyone would love to spend a day on the RI245! Capable of seating 16 people comfortably while you bounce over the waves, this is one to keep an eye on.

With an 89-gallon fuel tank you can stay out on the water as long as you like, and the side-by-side touchscreen dash system allows you to see and control everything in one place. It’ll always be a day to remember with this one! 

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2021 Sanger V215 S

Designed for easy handling (both on the water and off), the V215 S provides a smooth wake ride for even the most novice of boaters. It makes docking a simple task for the veteran and unexperienced alike.

With its fuel economy it outranks most other full-size boats, giving you the freedom to enjoy your day out on the water hassle free. You won’t go wrong if you choose the V215 S for your surf boating needs!  

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2021 Sanger 231 SL

The 231 SL is Sanger’s beefiest model, but that doesn’t mean she’s slow or sluggish! You’ll glide over the waves with ease and enjoy the luxurious cabin space while you’re at it. 

With seating capacity for 16 people, you can bring the whole family for a day out on the water, loving the surprisingly efficient fuel economy all the while. If you’re looking for a smooth ride over the surf, you can’t go wrong with the 231 SL!

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Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are more typically found on lakes or rivers, given their flat bottom is suited better for calmer waters. They’re a great option for cruising and fishing (the side dock is a great spot to fish from when available), but they’ve been known to tow inner tubes and water skis with the best of them too! Some of our available pontoon boats include:


2021 Trifecta LE Series 20C

For a true vacation vibe any time you choose, you’ll love the feel of the LE series. The 20C model’s 19’3” deck and 11-person capacity give you all the space you need to relax, and the freedom to bring along the whole family.

This is an all-new addition to the Trifecta line up, and was designed with value in mind, without skimping on quality. The top-quality construction will have you feeling safe and confident in your choice for years to come!

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2021 Trifecta ES Series 16 FCCES

The ES series is another all-new addition to the Trifecta line up, but don’t let its petite size fool you. The 15’.3” deck is more than enough space to accommodate your needs and allows you to bring along up to 6 passengers to enjoy your water activities.

Whether you’re off to the lake to catch a mighty haul, spending the day cruising or tugging an inner tube along behind, the ES is more than capable of making your summer a memorable one!

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2021 Trifecta CS Series 24SB2

Yet another home run for Trifecta, the C series boasts enough features to give its owner more than one reason to be proud. With luxuries like the 10’ Bimini top and Bluetooth capable sound system, you’ll find it’s even easier to enjoy your water experience.

Its 22’5” deck and spacious seating accommodate up to 11 people, so you can bring along whoever you like! Get out on the lake and enjoy your summer that much more when you bring along the C series!

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Boating is a great way to create summer memories for years to come, and at we have everything you need to make your boating experience a memorable one. We’ll answer all your questions and walk you through the process from start to finish, making sure you love everything about your new boat before we send you off on your next adventure.

We’re waiting for your call at our Boise, Idaho location, so contact us today and get out on the water tomorrow!

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