Summer is the traditional time of year for RVing, and the opportunities for exploring are endless during this beautiful season. If you’re looking to create the memories of a lifetime while experiencing the most comfort possible, Class A RVs are a fantastic way to do just that. From season to season these models will get you where you’re going, while keeping you happy and comfortable just like you are at home.

With the size and comfort of a luxury tour bus and the power to match, many a family have enjoyed the heat of the summer (or the chill of the winter) comfortably in a Class A RV. is proud to be your Class A dealer, and we’d love to share our wide selection of these big, beautiful models with you!

Here are just a couple of examples of the Class A RVs in our inventory at our Boise, ID and Orange County, CA dealership locations:


Fleetwood RV

Fleetwood has been getting folks on the road and keeping them happy for over 65 years. With such a long history in business, they’ve made significant strides in the RV industry and continue to do so.

Thanks to unique features like their exclusive chassis and state of the art materials and construction, they continue to build on their legacy to this day.


Some of our available Fleetwood models include:


Fleetwood Fortis 32RW

The Fortis is Fleetwood’s newest model and is turning heads in the best way, already awarded “Best of Show: New Unit” and “Top RV Debut.” Equipped with the latest interior design trends equal to those found in luxury homes, the interior looks and feels like a dream. 

The 100k solar panel and standard 5.5 kw generator provide you with all the power you need to keep the family happy, no matter the weather. There are plenty of features to be happy about with the Fortis!

Check here for specs and pricing information.

Available at our Boise dealership

 Fleetwood Southwind 34C

The Southwind is the crème de la crème of Class A RV’s, boasting a dramatic 37-foot floorplan and all the bells and whistles any RVer could ask for. With its beautiful furnishings providing all the comfort you could want, you just might want to move in!

Its interior isn’t the only plus about this beauty, either. The 7.3-liter, 350 horsepower engine and 100-watt solar panel will ensure you have all the power you need, whenever you need it. Keep your trip running smoothly (and stylishly) with the Southwind!

Check here for specs and pricing information

Available at our Boise dealership

Thor Motorhome

Thor have been around since 2010 and have accomplished much during their short time in the RV industry. Named appropriately after the Norse God, their brand exhibits strength, power, and solidity, with all the comforts of home included.

Their wide selection of RVs and build your own feature gives owners a real sense of the pride of ownership, with the ability to make new memories in style for years to come.


Some of our available Thor models include:


Thor Vegas 24.3

For the true feel of a house on wheels, the Vegas is a smart choice. With its stylish interior and sleek exterior build, the comforts of home are with you wherever you feel called to go.

Laid out to feel spaciously luxurious and with all the power you need packed into its 7.3 V8 engine, the Vegas will be your home away from home for years to come.

Check here for specs and pricing information

Available at our Boise dealership


Thor Windsport 29M

Designed like a luxurious tour bus, the Windsport will make your family feel like celebrities wherever you choose to travel. With its spacious interior and high-end furnishings, they’ll feel like they’re in a rolling 5-star hotel!

With the power of its Triton 7.3l V8 engine along with an 8,000 lb. capable towing hitch, the Windsport has the strength to pull your whole load and then some, and in style at that!

Check here for specs and pricing information

Available at our Boise dealership

Whether you’re visiting us at our Boise dealership or our Orange County counterpart, has what you want to make your trip one to remember. We’ll happily walk you through the buying process and answer any questions you might have. 

Any information you need is right here at, your proud Class A RV dealer. For quality RVs at competitive prices, contact us today and get on the road tomorrow!

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