We are a Coachmen Chaparral Lite Dealer. An affordable and dependable option, a Coachmen Chapparal Lite is a cost-effective solution for anyone looking for a true RV lifestyle. Lightweight but with plenty of stylish features, this fifth-wheel pulls easy and while maintaining an exceptionally large interior. 

Visiting us at DDRV.com or in-person at Dennis Dillon RV. If you live in the Los Angeles area or Boise area, DDRV.com is the best way to see what Chapparal Lite has to offer.

In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at what makes a Coachmen Chapparal Lite a great option for those looking for a permanent RV solution as well as first-time buyers.

What is a Coachmen Chapparal Lite?

If you’ve made the decision to purchase an RV, a fifth-wheel is one of the most economical and practical purchases you can make. You can use the truck you already own to pull it, and you won’t be emptying your bank account to fill up.

At Dennis Dillon RV, both in our Orange County and Boise locations, we stock multiple Chapparal Lite floorplans that are adaptable to both big and small families. We currently have options with one to three slide-outs. There is virtually no limit to the living space provided in these fifth wheels. 

Chapparal Lite Interior Features

A Chapparal Lite interior features hardwood drawers and cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and granite-style countertops. Extra-large transom windows in the kitchen and LED lights add space to an already large kitchen area.

Slide-out options include theater seating, dinettes, fold-out sleep sofas, appliances, wardrobes, and more. Sofas and theater seats face space large enough to accommodate a 55” T.V. The bedroom and bunk area are ready for T.V. hookup. Larger models of the Lite feature slide-out appliances and sofas, with a large kitchen island in the middle.

 These fifth wheels can hold up to 40 gallons of fresh water and 30 gallons of black water, providing more than enough water and drainage in case you are away from a water hookup for a day or two.

Bathrooms feature a full-size porcelain toilet and shower with sliding glass doors, plus a vent fan to keep air moving through the unit. Motion-sensor LED lights and a skylight complete the spacious and luxurious feel of the Chapparal Lite Bathroom.

No matter the model you choose, you’ll sleep easy with the automatic black-out shades, memory foam mattress, or in the heated, massage theater seating that comes with many of the Chapparal Lite models.

Chapparal Lite Exterior Features

A Chapparal Lite Fifth Wheel comes designed to last a lifetime. UV-resistant decals and a 12-year guaranteed corrosion-free roof are standard. Other features include sidewall doubled aluminum panels that are rot-proof. The entire coating of the fifth wheel is UV-treated. Your new Chapparal will retain that new vehicle look long after it’s left the lot.

In terms of the ride, this fifth wheel comes with 16” tires and a full-sized spare. Automatic front and rear jacks make parking and setting up camp a breeze. Nervous about backing this thing into a narrow spot on the campground? The Chapparal is outfitted with a rear jack and wires, ready for you to simply plug in a back up camera.

Is a Chapparal Lite Good for Me?

The Chapparal Lite is one of the most affordable, lightweight fifth-wheels on the market. Most half-ton trucks are rated to be able to pull even the largest Chapparal Lite fifth-wheel. For instance, a Ford F150 with a 3.5L engine can pull any Chapparal Lite model. Similarly, a Silverado or Ram 1500 can also pull the Chapparal, in most cases.

To pull a Chapparal Lite, you need a bed-mounted trailer hitch. For first-time buyers, this can sound a bit intimidating. 

However, any auto service center can acquire and install a hitch in the bed of your truck, making fifth-wheel ownership all the more desirable. 

Reasons to Purchase a Chapparal Lite

Purchasing a Chapparal Lite is a lifetime decision, and can also mean a lifetime of fun for you and your loved ones. The Chapparal Lite is a lightweight yet luxurious fifth-wheel that is easy to drive, park, and live in. 

Warranties come included exterior surfaces. Elegant interior touches such as granite-style countertops and ebony cabinetry finishes provide a fine finish to an affordable fifth-wheel. 

The ability to haul the fifth-wheel with a truck you already own makes purchasing the Chapparal Lite a virtual no-brainer. Simply install a bed-mounted hitch, and you are off on your RV adventure.

As a Coachmen Chaparral Lite Dealer, Dennis Dillon RV has the most extensive line of Chapparal Lite models in the Los Angeles and Boise areas. Visit us online at DDRV.com for pricing, floorplans, and pictures of your next Chapparal Lite fifth-wheel.