At Dennis Dillon RV Marine Powersports, you’ll find a variety of RVs for sale that can hitch onto the back of capable pickups like the RAM 2500 or the RAM 3500. However, there are times when it makes sense to convert a fifth wheel hitch to a gooseneck hitch. Compare the benefits of a fifth wheel vs. gooseneck hitch here at Dennis Dillon RV Marine Powersports, with locations in Boise, ID and Westminster, CA.

Fifth Wheel vs. Gooseneck

Before you consider converting your fifth wheel to a gooseneck setup, it’s important to understand the benefits of both options.

  • Fifth Wheel – A fifth wheel hitch is made of dual steel rails bolted to the truck bed, which have an adjustable hitch mounted onto them. This towing system is popular for fifth wheel RVs, because passengers can stay in trailers pulled by in fifth wheel hitches.
  • Gooseneck – Consisting of a metal plate mounted around the truck bed box, goosenecks utilize a ball and coupler to connect the truck to the trailer. Most states don’t allow passenger vehicles to be towed with a gooseneck hitch, so goosenecks are usually used for toy haulers and animal trailers.

How to Convert a Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck

  1. Purchase a fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter kit.
  2. See if there’s a lube plate on the trailer, and remove it from the kingpin.
  3. Install a lock and collar, making sure the white line is pointed to the front of the trailer.
  4. Tighten the lock and collar with an allen wrench.
  5. Get the adapter and a friend to help out with the installation.
  6. Align the front of the adapter with the white line on the lock and collar, with the lock pointed to the driver’s side.
  7. Tighten the bolts and jam nuts on the adapter.
  8. Line up the hitch ball in your truck with the adapter.
  9. Lower the trailer to a level position.
  10. Loosen the adjustment screws and lower the ball coupler over the ball hitch.
  11. Make sure there’s no red showing on the adapter body, and then tighten the adjustment screws.
  12. Tighten and torque the adjustment screws.
  13. Hook in the safety chains.

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