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For twenty-five years, Forest River has been a brand leader in producing compact but comfortable and convenient RVs.  Combining modern design with innovative, high-tech solutions, the company have gone from strength to strength since their inception in 1996.


Their Wolf Pup series of trailers offer the comfort of a drivable RV without any of the difficulties of parking, negotiating tight bends or maintaining a low profile in whatever beautiful wilderness spots your adventures take you to.


Dennis Dillon RV are delighted to unveil the 2021 Wolf Pup RV range at our Boise Idaho and Orange County, CA showrooms.  We want to tell you why we love these vehicles so much, so we’ve created this article to give you a quick insight into the Forest River Wolf Pup ethos.

What Makes Forest River Wolf Pup Trailers Special?


Wolf Pup have partnered with Cherokee to create their most durable, adventurous compact RVs yet.  The Wolf Pup is so-called because although it’s smaller in size, it’s still leader of the pack.


The following amenities come as standard (dependent on package):


  • 12V full sized fridge-freezer
  • 2-ring gas stove and microwave
  • Sink with seamless covers and residential faucet
  • Queen-sized master beds
  • Dinettes which fold down into additional beds.
  • Optional bunk beds in larger models
  • Hook-ups for TV both interior and exterior
  • Water heating, AC, and heating systems
  • Full-sized shower, toilet, and bathroom
  • Built-in stereo
  • Plentiful USB ports for device charging
  • 55 Amp Converter
  • Full-Length Awning
  • Exterior Mini Kitchen for cookouts
  • 50W Solar Panel and Battery


and much more.


Wolf Pup Black Label vehicle exteriors are surfaced in durable high-gloss gel-coated fiberglass with outdoor speakers, LED lights and power awnings.

Lightweight but High-Capacity Trailers


Less than 3000lb in weight, Wolf Pup Camping Trailers can be towed by standard SUVs, even with the additional weight of luggage and water reserves.  Despite their comparatively light weight, they can sleep up to six people, giving your family a chance to get away together and access the places thar RVs dare not go!


Versatile RVs in a Range of Layouts


One of the great benefits of Forest River’s long pedigree is that they have decades of experience in working with customers to fulfil their needs.  Of course, preferences are as varied as the people who possess them, so Wolf Pup RVs come in a range of builds, layouts, and packages.


There are eight travel trailer layouts altogether plus a toy hauler.  This latter model has a larger tailgate which can be extended to store or transport bikes, boats, or other goodies.


The 14CC is the smallest Pup at just 19’ 3” in length.  Nevertheless, the clever layout includes a toilet, shower cubicle, queen sized bed with overhead bunk, convertible dinette, full-sized 12V fridge, stove and microwave, TV mount and plentiful storage.  It also comes with a 10ft awning. 


The 14CC weighs in at 2884 lb UVW (unladen vehicle weight), which gives you plenty to play with in terms of luggage weight capacity.


If you have a bigger group, you might opt for the 18TO, which comes with a four-seater recessed dinette, fold-out sofa-bed, concealed additional bunk with privacy screen and combination shower and toilet room.  


This model will sleep six, retaining enough daytime living space to accommodate everyone. 


Forest River Wolf Pup Campers – Power, Water and Gas


When you’re on the road, you want to know that all your utilities are provided, whether you are hooked up at a campsite, or dry camping in the wilderness.


Wolf Pup trailers use a clever combination of 12V, mains power (Shoreline campsite hook-up) and solar power, plus gas for heating and cooking.  You can add or subtract elements from this power mix, depending on your requirements.


The RVs’ water heaters are gas-powered with an electric ignition.  They also have LP-fueled stoves, and are provided with battery-powered propane, CO2 and smoke detectors for added safety.


Wolf-Pup trailers have 12V deep-cycle shoreline batteries, which can be topped up by the convertor when you’re plugged in at a campsite.  Their microwaves and AC units must be run from shoreline power.  However, the furnace runs on propane and will keep you toasty warm on those winter trips.


As well as potable water tanks, Wolf Pup Campers have plenty of storage for gray and black water (wastewater from your sink and bathroom), as well as electronic sensors and displays to tell you exactly how full each tank is.  


The Black Label Wolf Pup trailers have a cool, modern interior with quality surfaces and stylish upholstery.  They come with screen doors for added ventilation on warm days.


Choose DDRV for Cherokee Forest River Wolf Pup Trailers


To experience the new 2021 Wolf Pup line, do visit our Dennis Dillon outlets in either Boise, Idaho or Orange County, CA.  We’ll be happy to walk you through these versatile recreational vehicles and turn you into another Wolf Pack covert.