The RV Sales season is upon us again. Its cold and people are looking for their home on wheels to drive across the country to hotter regions. It’s the time of the year when every RV manufacturer is donning out “chassis and floorplans” of their latest RV masterpieces. Hence, there is great news, and even greater news for every RV enthusiast and lovers out there. 

The Great and the Greater News

The great news is that all the latest models, except a few last minute surprises, have already been rolled out for sale. Every manufacturer is vying for a spot in RV lover’s eyes in any legal way they can. Needless to say, the competitive atmosphere is on a high and the climax to the RV festivities is nowhere in sight. 

The greater news is that RV-lovers-on-budget can take advantage of the great RV sales that have sprung all over the region and the sale spree is already on! The manufacturers need to make room for their top of the line merchandise as well as win competition from their rivals. Hence, RV enthusiasts are most likely to hit a jackpot while bargaining for both new and old RVs during the current season. 

Where to Look?

The best places to visit for great RV sales in this season are either the RV dealers that cater to multiple manufacturers or the RV shows. An RV dealer catering to multiple manufacturers under a single roof can offer RV lovers the rare possibility of comparing products from different manufacturers. Furthermore, their advice will be more balanced as they will not favor one manufacturer over the other. The result is that you will be in a better position to bargain and negotiate the final price. 

Going to an RV show cannot be considered a visit; it’s always a vacation cum trip to RV wonderland. You will find a great deal of RV sales from different manufacturers and dealers, and at a more competitive price. At such venues, everyone one is in hyper active state and eager to strike a bargain. You will find loads of new and old RVs there and will have ample time to explore the merchandise. The best part of going to an RV show is that you are on a trip and your complete focus will be on finding the best RV for yourself. 

What to Look For?

Given the energetic moods, chances of making a regrettably hasty decision and purchase is highly likely. Keep the following checklist in mind before you take a journey to a RV dealer or an RV show:

  • Know the purpose and use of your RV investment: How many people will use it? How often will you use it? What purpose will you use it for? 
  • Decide the type of RV- A fifth wheeler, a Class A or C motor-Home, or a trailer?
  • Budget the hidden costs- When you know the purpose of your purchase and your RV type you will automatically know the hidden costs of your investment. A fifth wheeler will require a powerful traction vehicle for towing; a Class A motor-Home will require permanent parking space, etc.

When you have found your answers and made up your mind, ask the personnel pertinent questions. Collect as much relevant information as you can. It is advisable to even rent your choice for a weekend before making the big purchase for your selection from an RV sale