Say you’re trying to escape the high cost of living in Los Angeles, or suppose you’re tired of spending another snowy winter in Salt Lake City. You’ve thus decided to go full-time, and live in your RV. Well, Dennis Dillon RV Marine Powersports is happy to hear it! Before you make the leap to live in your RV, there are a few things to take into consideration. Learn more about RV living here at Dennis Dillon RV Marine Powersports, with locations in Orange County, CA and Boise, ID.

How to Live in an RV Full-Time

So you’ve decided to pare down and live in an RV full-time. There are some important questions to ask yourself, your partner, or whoever lives with you in your motorhome.
Young Couple Enjoying the Beach View From Their 5th Wheel RV.

Will you travel consistently, or will you stay in one place for long stretches?

Depending on your budgetary restrictions, you may decide to bounce around to different parking lots. This might be the cheaper option, but it is less comfortable – and there are fewer amenities in parking lots than in RV resorts.

How will you stay connected to your friends and family?

If you plan on boondocking around Salt Lake City or Meridian, you may want to upgrade your cellphone’s data package for superior connectivity features. However, if you choose to jump from a Southern California RV park to another RV campsite in Seattle, you may take advantage of the park or campsite’s internet connectivity.

What is your financial situation?

Sure, you may dip into your savings to live full-time. But don’t feel guilty – that’s what they’re there for. However, in this instance, you’ll want to ensure that you can secure a supplementary income.
You’ll also want to ensure you have a fun fund. You are constantly travelling, after all. If you stop by a lakefront campsite and decide to ski-doo, then enjoy the time! If you’ve got money set aside for your fun expenses, you’ll feel less stressed about the full-time RV transition.

Is my motorhome properly accessorized?

If you’re traveling up north, you’ll want to prepare for winter with applicable RV accessories. Even if you’re traveling to San Diego, you’ll want to prepare for hot weather driving. Double check: Does your RV have enough coolant, for instance?

How can I maximize my RV’s storage options?

If you’re living in your RV, every square inch counts. Make sure your dishes aren’t jumping about as you drive from Salt Lake City to San Diego, and make sure your accessories are tetris’d in your cupboards and storage units. You’ll need to answer these questions before you leave.

Full-Time Winter RV Living Considerations

If you’re planning on living in Idaho and braving the cold in your compact motorhome, the following steps will ensure you remain warm and cozy until spring comes around:
Dog in window

  • Add Extra Insulation to the Floors and Windows
  • Check Your Seals for Leaks
  • Make Sure Vents Are Unblocked
  • Get a Dehumidifier to Prevent Mold
  • Add a Skirt to Prevent Heat Loss
  • Cover Your Pipes to Prevent Freezing
  • Add Extra Insulation to Your Hot Water Heater
  • Tune-Up Your Motor
  • Unplug the Outside Water Line
  • Insulate Around Holding Tanks

RVs to Live in Full-Time

You’ll need to get rid of the stuff that won’t fit in your new home anymore. How much depends on what size vehicle you opt for:

  • Camp Trailer: These hook to your rear trailer hitch and can range from 17 – 40 feet in length.
  • Fifth Wheel Trailer: These trailers hook to an in-bed hitch and provide more stability and control than standard trailers. They range in size from 20 to more than 40 feet.
  • Class B Motorhomes: Roughly the size of a commercial van, Class B motorhomes are fully self-contained campers that can be easily driven even by inexpert travelers.
  • Class C Motorhomes: These “mini-motorhomes” are an all-in-one, fully self-contained solution that provides the ease of access of a motorhome, but in a smaller size. Unlike Class B motorhomes, they offer cabover storage or sleeping space.
  • Class A Motorhomes: These full-sized homes on wheels can measure 40 feet or more and offer adequate space for a couple or even a small family. Drivers can choose between gas or diesel pushers and can even opt for tip-outs to add to the available space.

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