Believe it or not, there are 8.9 million U.S households that own an RV, and most were inspired just once at one the RV shows. The event is simply mesmerizing- a modern lifestyle with its own legends and tales and rituals that you’ll only see completely at an RV show. None has managed to outperform the California RV shows for decades. 

The 61st annual California RV Show began on the highest note in the past decade. The opening weekend brought a tide of 14,000 attendees. The total head count, at the end of the 10 day long RV ceremony neared a wowing 29, 000. All the RVers, enthusiasts, and new inspired converts and RV lovers are now getting for the next big event – The RVIA spring debut of the California RV shows.

The show is expected to once again represent the largest number of RV manufacturers and dealers in the US in one place. This means that were you to enter the ‘RV kingdom’ you’ll find yourself in a totally different world- of people who live on the horizons of normal life. Engage with any RVer and you’ll hear exciting tales of adventures and great journeys that would, we believe, would have you wishing for an RV of your own, or at least have a rental. 

Buyer’s Heaven

With so many dealers and manufacturers, you will find it the easiest to make your wish come true. The competitive atmosphere, coupled with pounds of free literature to go through over the week and live questioners to remove doubts on your decisions.

Even if you find little interest in RVing, the California RV Shows are also known for the adrenaline rush they offer apart from RV eye candy delights.

Excitement In Air

We know that being in company of excited and enthusiastic people lifts our spirits. Now think of the HUGE number of people, almost all of them buzzing with enthusiasm and energy and you have your sweet spot at one of the California RV shows to lift your mood. The fact that RVIA always does a great job of including family exhibits, food stalls, fun games with prizes. You and your family are bound to enjoy experiencing the show and RVs firsthand. 

Gifts Your Way

Discounts and freebies stops everyone and at the RV show people are geared to sell at giveaway prices. Promotion offers, wearable merchandise and more- There is fun in a shopping spree too you know! 

So get ready to pay a visit at next RV show in line with the legendary California RV Shows and rest assured that your investment will be worth it and is bound to add great and cherish able memories.