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We’re proud of our reputation at DDRV.com as the most successful Outdoors RV Timber Ridge Travel Trailer dealer in the cities of Boise, and Orange Country, located only a short drive from the greater Los Angeles area.

We carry dozens of different RV brands at both of our dealership locations. We consistently stock new and used RVs throughout the year. We’ve certainly sold plenty of RVs in recent times, but without a doubt, one of our top sellers of all time is the Outdoors RV Timber Ridge Travel Trailer.

We’re always happy to lend our expertise to first-time RV buyers. We’ve been serving customers for more than 40 years, so our experience is second to none in the RV business.

What we find most interesting about the Outdoors RV brand is that each class comes in at least two different series. Other RV manufacturers simply don’t make outdoors vehicles this way but that’s part of the charm of owning an Outdoors RV Timber Ridge travel trailer.

Overall, the Timber Ridge Travel Trailer comes in two basic varieties: the Mountain Series and the Titanium Series. Each series has different amenities to keep in mind when deciding which one is the best value.

If you still need to learn more details about what makes an RV worth the price, we’d be happy to speak with you at one of our two locations.

But if you can’t get to us, here’s what you need to know about Timber Ridge Travel Trailers to pick the correct type.

Top standard features for all Outdoors RV Timber Ridge Travel Trailers

Here’s a list of the most impressive standard features that you’ll find in every Timber Ridge Travel Trailer. Of all reasons to buy an Outdoors RV vehicle, the sheer quality of its manufacture is the biggest attraction. 

The many features of Timber Ridge Travel Trailer include:

  • Custom-built steel, off-road chassis
  • KYB World-Class shock absorbers and shock plates
  • Off-road X4 suspension
  • Off-road clearance lighting
  • Triple-layered four seasons roof insulation
  • Insulation wrapped holding tanks
  • XL Furnace
  • Norcold cold weather kit
  • Semi-auto winterization
  • Trekk flooring (3-year cold-cracking warranty)
  • Roto-torqued cabinetry
  • Marine-grade plywood deck
  • Radius-crowned, complete walk-on roof with a rear ladder
  • Ultra-leather tri-fold sleeper sofa and lounge recliners
  • LED awning strip lighting for the patio area and entry steps
  • Marine-grade aluminum steps
  • Ozite insulated luggage area

Honestly, there are even more standard features in every Timber Ridge Travel Trailer but only certain features come in the Mountain Series and the Titanium Series.

Outdoors RV Timber Ridge Travel Trailer – Mountain Series

Since Timber Ridge Travel Trailers are made in at least eight different varieties right now, it’s a good idea to know the standard features before you buy. 

According to Outdoors RV, this brand of RV’s construction quality is certainly “mountain tough,” and we agree 100 percent. 

All Timber Ridge Travel Trailers come with 2-inch, bonded aluminum-frame walls and a laminated fiberglass slide-out floor as standard features. But only the Mountain Series Timber Ridge Travel Trailer comes with an HD fiberglass front cap with an armored guard already included.

The Mountain Series has an integrated HD A-frame chassis with more ground clearance than other models and an HD 6-lug, 5,100-pound axles with an off-road braking system.

Entertainment-wise, The Mountain Series also contains 12V HD LED living room TVs and an HDMI, Bluetooth-enabled sound system. There’s even HD hitch lighting and an optional living room fireplace.

Outdoors RV Timber Ridge Travel Trailer – Titanium Series

But if those amenities still won’t suffice, the Timber Ridge Titanium Series has even more to like, and some extras aren’t available in the Mountain Series.

For instance, only the Titanium Series includes a front automotive windshield and ultra-sleek frameless windows. Another unique benefit is nightstand accent lighting under the wardrobe cabinets as well as a lighted makeup mirror in some models.

Likewise, only Titanium Series RVs come with a gel-infused, cooling Memory Foam mattress and a plush bedspread with accent pillows. Timber Ridge Titanium Series RVs contain hardwood slide-out fascia molding in the living room, but not every model has it.

The beauty of owning an Outdoors RV travel trailer is the wide range of floor plans and add ons. There are more than enough RV brands on the market, but we highly recommend Outdoors RV trailers since their quality and comfort level is top of the line.

Suppose you’re still curious about Outdoors RV Timber Ridge travel trailers and fifth-wheels. In that case, we invite you to visit our lot in Boise, or Orange County.

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