Sophisticate Your Great Outdoors Experience With Your Toy Hauler Trailer RV Dealer In Idaho


If you’re an adventurer looking for a Toy Hauler Trailer dealer in Idaho, you’ve just landed on the right page. Welcome to Dennis Dillon RV Marine Powersports. We share your passion for the good life while being one with nature. DDRV is a family business that has grown with the community of Idaho to become the largest motorhome dealer in all of Gem State. So whatever your toy, be it a motorbike, kayak, canoe, mountain bike, or ATV, we have a toy hauler trailer, which is just right for you.


Toy Hauler Trailers have a garage space specially designed to carry and secure your outdoor recreation vehicles or your toys. Toy haulers come as simple motorhomes with a garage section or just a glamorous garage you can tow with your other vehicle; this is called the 5th wheeler. 


DDRV Idaho deals in toy haulers from frontline manufacturers like Cruiser RV, Eclipse, Outdoors RV, Forest River, et cetera. We offer the latest models when it comes to new RVs, but if you should want a used one, you can also take a look at our pre-certified pre-owned models. 


If you hit the road, zip on mountainous terrain, or bask in the ocean’s spray frequently, you should check out our incredible range of toy hauler trailers at our Idaho dealership. For used vehicles, a dealer documentary service fee of up to $389 may be levied. There may be additional charges for inter-state transfer of license plates. New RVs will also have their own on-road charges at the state level.


A Brief Buying Guide 


Toy haulers have evolved from mobile garages to luxurious motorhomes. When buying a hauler for your toy vehicle, there are several things to consider. Like every sphere, there’s nothing such as the best or one size fits all. We can help you with the right solution for you and your family’s needs and lifestyle. When choosing your optimal toy hauler trailer, look at the floor plan, layout, and the configuration of various amenities. 


Choosing the right toy hauler trailer for you can take some research unless you want to burn your fingers. First, check all the features, from the construction of the ceiling to the type of flooring and then from the wall, or door, which separates the garage from the living areas to the intensity of the hauler’s exhaust. And of course, check out all the safety features; you don’t want your outdoor sports to turn riskier than they already are.


Additional Things to Consider When Buying 


Here are some considerations which may be helpful, especially to the outdoors novice: 


  • Securing

Different road toys have different ways to secure them and may differ from make to make; consult your dealer’s guides to learn the proper way to load and affix your toys


  • Cleaning

While some toy haulers have a door or a wall separating the toy area from the living or playing area, some may not. When you’re having fun, your toys get dirty, so devise a good cleaning and re-load plan.


  • Towing

For several makes and fifth-wheel RVs, make sure your towing vehicle has enough capacity for the weight of the toy hauler you want; if not, you will have to think of alternatives. 


  • Insurance

Toy hauler insurance is between around $50 to $500 a year, depending on the size, make, model, and amenities. Note that your driving record also plays a key role in determining vehicle insurance.


  • Depreciation: 

At around a decade, the downward curve for toy haulers and camper trailers is similar. Value retention depends on maintenance and the extent of customization it has undergone. 


  • Fifth Wheel: 

If you want a fifth-wheeler toy hauler, choose a vehicle with the correct towing hitch, apart from sufficient towing capacity, of course. Then, you can rely on DDRV for all the right numbers to make an informed decision.


Why Buy From The best Toy Hauler Trailer RV Dealer in Idaho?


Actually, at Dennis Dillon RV Marine Powersports Idaho, you can count on much more than just data. We ensure that you get the best solution for you and your family’s outdoor lifestyle and a buying process that puts the customer first. 


Our digital catalog carries all pertinent details of all the toy haulers available with us. So you can do all your research right here, or you could directly get in touch. Just tell us what you need, and our friendly staff will happily give you the suitable options. 

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