Have you always wanted a garage attached to your trailer? A Toy Hauler Trailer is your answer to that. It combines the comfort of mobile living space and the convenience of having an equipment hauler with you on the go.

Toy hauler trailers have a garage space specifically designed to carry outdoor recreation toys. The front of a Toy Hauler Trailers looks like the regular fifth-wheel or bumper-pull, while the back is open. It can accommodate most of your fun toys such as a four-wheeler, canoe, mountain bike, kayak, ATV, or motorcycle.

Toy haulers are available in many different shapes and sizes, featuring a living space with a kitchen and a bed, in addition to a garage space. The living area in some is large, while some have a larger cargo space to accommodate more than one toy.

Bigger models can have a fixed living room that has extra storage space behind a door. You’ll find some smaller models with a flip-down bed in the garage in place of couches.

Sounds impressive, right? You may be wondering where to get a Toy Hauler Trailer Dealership. At Dennis and Dillon RV (DDRV), we stock popular hauler trailers such as the Class A and Class C motorhomes, roomy fifth wheels, and compact travel trailers.


What Makes the Toy Hauler Trailer Stand Out?

The trailer’s back wall can open up and fold down to form a ramp. In some models, the ramp can get elevated to form an open-air porch. The furniture attached to the back wall also folds up, making the process of loading up your toys really easy.

No doubt, the extra space leaves room for your kids and pets to play. You can even make a porch from the back end to enjoy perfect weather.

Since they are designs tailored to carry cargo, toy haulers have a heavy-duty build. Axles can take more weight than regular RVs, and the floor plus ramp has reinforcement to support the weight of your toys.

Popular Toy Hauler Trailer Brands

  1. Forest River RV

Forest River RV has various toy haulers such as lightweights, pull trailers, and fifth-wheels. Some of the top toy hauler brands Forest River RV you’ll find at DDRV in Boise include;


Available are 20 different floor models ranging from 25 to 30 feet long. They are affordable and designed as fifth wheels or pull trailers. 


The Shockwave models are fifth wheels and pull trailers with higher quality. They have a wide body available in 19 different floor plans.


Stealth toy haulers and fifth wheels have additional luxury and convenience features. They come with a chassis that’s approved for off-road use and 15 different floor plans.


The Vengeance models are the new generation toy haulers and are available fifth wheels or pull trailers. You can make your selection from 12 different floor plans.

Wolf Pack

These affordable toy haulers are available as pull trailers or fifth wheels and come with a separate garage. They are easy to set up and have 9 different floor plans.

Work and Play

This toy hauler has a design that accommodates hauling taller toys and comes with comfortable living quarters. It’s 27 to 36 feet long and has 5 different floor plans.

  1. Eclipse RV

The Eclipse RV offers great toy hauler brands. Some options you’ll find at DDRV in Orange County are;


The popular Attitude toy hauler by Eclipse RV is a design that is a pull trailer or a 5th wheel. It comes in different models and more than 24-floor plans starting from 20 feet to 45 feet long. You’ll find smaller economic models and larger, roomier, luxury models. 


The Stellar toy hauler by Eclipse is available in over 20 different floor plans, with smaller, more affordable options to larger models with more luxury and convenience features.


The Iconic toy hauler by Eclipse RV is a luxury line of toy haulers designed for comfort. They come as 5th wheels and pull trailers, starting from 25 feet to 46 feet long.

You can choose from more than 25 different floor plans, with limited, pro-lite, wide-lite, or wide-body options.

  1. Entegra Coach Motorhome Brand 

Although Entegra coach doesn’t make toy haulers, their focus is on luxury motorhomes. All their products are stylish, with top-notch interiors and luxury features for extra comfort. Some models come with laminated floors and sidewalls, foam insulation, and a crowned fiberglass roof.

Why Entegra Coach Motorhomes Are the Best

You’ll find convenience features in most models, such as a heat pump, AC unit, exterior shower, and utility center as well.

For instance, the Entegra Coach Vision XL Class A gas motorhome 34B has features such as a fireplace, a king bed in the rear private bedroom. It has a private bathroom, sink, and exterior 39” LED TVs. 

You’ll find a Furrion all-in-one cooktop and oven, as well as a fridge. The L-shaped sofa is expandable, and you can add other convenience features such as a 93″ reclining sofa and washer and dryer.

The interior boasts hardwood cabinets and drawers, LED lighting, and a charging station.


When it comes to toy hauler brands, there are numerous manufacturers and models to choose from. Whether you are looking for a roomier RV to accommodate your dirt bike or room for extra people, visit DDRV.com for a wide selection of Class A, gas and diesel, Class B and B Plus, Class C and Super C, Travel Trailer, and 5th Wheel. You’ll find the newest models, including the 2021 model year!