Travel Trailers We Sell at Our Dealership


Traveling is part of the American lifestyle. We live in a country blessed with diverse scenery and people, and it’s only natural that we want to take advantage of this and enjoy long weekends away in the nearby national parks or beach destinations. Whether you have a full-timing RV lifestyle or a scaled-back approach with just weekend trips, there’s a travel trailer brand out there right for you.


At DDRV, we specialize in selling the most authentic travel trailers for sale on the road today. The trailers we offer have been hand-built by expert teams from the highest quality materials, built with safety in mind. Travel trailers come in all shapes and sizes. We are proud to offer a wide variety of travel trailers from different manufacturers. 


Whether you’re looking for a travel trailer, toy hauler, or fifth wheel, we’ve got you covered. We have brand-new models or used trailers from all the top manufacturers for almost any budget. We have recognized brands such as Forest River, Winnebago & Highland Ridge. 


While we offer a wide selection of trailer styles, you may come across one that fits your needs better than others. This is why we will go over the pros and cons of each model and provide helpful tips on how to choose the right option for you!


  1. Forest River

The Forest River Travel is a trailer built for comfort and travel. The trailer has double-over-double bunks designed to hold four people. A double-over-double-bunkhouse trailer is a trailer with 2 or more bunks. The middle bunk is just large enough to lay down on when traveling but has room to stand up from the other 2 bunks. You can sleep on the floor or use a king-size bed. This allows the double-over-double-bunkhouse trailer to have more storage space than most other trailers.


The Forest River Travel trailers come fitted with two doors and two windows. Each unit has its storage room and a pantry with a refrigerator, stove, and coffee maker. There’s also a small outhouse with a toilet and shower (a spendy feature but one many Trailers owners appreciate). The main floor features an enclosed porch with a covered roof deck that gives you a direct view of the mountains from your seat.


  1. Winnebago


The first thing you notice about the Winnebago Minnie Trailers is their size. It’s about the size of a regular single-wide trailer. But that only helps if you know what you’re getting into. Minnie is a camper that is easy to pull and lightweight. It fully uses its snag space using extraordinary features. 


The design can hold every necessary item for a weeklong adventure, including a full-size air mattress, a small mini-fridge, Glo pads and snacks, and a large propane stove. Child safety locks the cradle securely against the trailer body while a rectangular steel frame supports the load.


The Minnie Classic Travel Trailer offers impressive features that set it apart from other similarly priced trailers. Trailers with wheels are typically required to have a trailer hitch, and since Minnie doesn’t have any, we included a hitch explicitly made for use with trailers with wheels. 


Our unique design allows you to position the trailer in any position while securing the hitch to the platform using an included nut and bolt. Unlike most other trailers on the market, our hitch does not require welding, and you can disassemble it for transport or storage.


  1. Highland Ridge


The Open Range travel trailer series by Highland Ridge is perfect for the way you live. Whether you are climbing the mountains for your next expedition or commuting to work each day, these travel trailers fit right in. 


With features like 100″ widebodies and extra high ceilings, our travel trailers will give you plenty of space to spread out and relax. Plus, with every model featuring our ACCU-SLIDE™ Slide System, power awnings with LED lights, and integrated speakers, these units give you all the comfort you desire.


Detach yourself every day and choose this adventure trail trailer for your next trip. This unique design allows you to lay down as well as sleep, using the reclining bed underneath. This highly functional trailer has two entrances, one on each side, making it possible to choose your views while transporting. Get up and move about as if you are in your zone in a luxury trailer that will make you feel at home wherever you go.


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