For a family getaway, weekend trip, camping trip, or any adventure, the Winnebago Micro Minnie RV is your best choice for these and much more. Get unbeatable Winnebago Micro Minnie deals only in idaho. Our journey started in Boise over 40 years ago, where we are the most reputable company in Winnebago Micro Minnie RV sales Boise. Additionally, we are a renowned dealer for Winnebago micro Minnie RV sales in Orange County.

How big is a Micro Minnie Winnebago

The exterior length ranges from 19’5” (1708FB model) to 22’5” (2108FBS model). Overall, the range is average as compared to most other RV models whose length can go over 40feet. The sizes allow you to easily maneuver in the street or tight campground spaces.

All seven Micro Minnie Winnebago models have similar sizes for the following measurements:

  • Exterior height of 10’5”
  • Exterior width of 7’0”
  • Interior height of 6’4”

What is the smallest Winnebago Minnie?

The 1708FB Winnebago Minnie is the smallest, with an exterior length of just 19’5″. It requires lower towing power and is easier to drive, especially on narrow roads.

What is the lightest Winnebago?

The 1700BH Winnebago Micro Minnie has the least dry weight of 3,354lbs and the least GVWR of 4,200lbs. It costs less than its heavier counterparts and is more fuel-efficient to tow.

What is Winnebago Micro Minnie Adventure Package?

Winnebago owners have the opportunity to experience guided tours and caravans. The designs of the tours have the Winnebago owner in mind. Additionally, Winnebago International Travelers members receive discounts of up to $800 on the tours.
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Is Winnebago a good RV?

Winnebago is one of the most reputable RV brands in the world. It is common for customers to refer to RVs generally as Winnebago, regardless of the brand. Winnebago Micro Minnie is versatile, easy to tow, and convenient.

Top Features of the Winnebago Micro Minnie

  • Spacious and functional kitchen
  • Open-air entertainment with exterior speakers and LED lighting
  • The 7ft wide size allows effortless towing and turning

The manufacturers pay attention to detail to deliver a high-quality RV that lasts for years. Winnebago manufacturers use natural wood, stainless steel, aluminum, and high gloss fiberglass to craft durable RVs that tell stories for years on end.
With Winnebago, customer safety comes first. They have a dual axle frame to keep you safe in case a travel trailer tire blows.
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Final Take
If you need a reliable and comfortable RV, the Winnebago Micro Minnie is an excellent investment for a mobile home. Take the first step to realizing your dream of becoming a Winnebago owner by contacting us. At DDRV, our customer is our priority, and we offer you the best Winnebago Micro Minnie deals in Idaho. Welcome to our DDRV family.


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