Where can I find a Winnebago Micro Minnie

Do you dream of balancing portability and prestige? DDRV is the place for you. DDRV has two Winnebago Micro Minnie dealerships in both Boise, and Orange County. We can help you find the perfect RV for your needs. Maybe you’ve struggled with being tight on space, or maybe the space you have is adequate, but lacks space efficiency. That’s why we offer the Winnebago Micro Minnie Series – so you can grab a compact camper without compromise. 

Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned camper owner, our experts will help you. If you know what you want, come ask for it! If you’re not sure yet, you’re welcome to look around. With countless floor plans and design options, you won’t leave DDRV without a recreational vehicle made for your lifestyle.

Are Winnebago Micro Minnie good?

The Winnebago Micro Minnie RV line is built with users in mind. With multiple open floor plans, you can prioritize what’s important to you in your new space. On top of that, it’s only seven feet wide, making towing and turning easy without the hassle of extended mirrors. Micro Minnie models range from around 19 to 26 feet long and 10 feet clearance height. External storage is abundant, with 44 cubic feet of it – the best in its class! Living space is also designed with efficiency in mind. At 6 foot 4 inches, the ceilings are sure to be high enough so you won’t bump your head. The EZ Glide Sleeper folds down from the wall to sleep two adults, and folds right back up. 

What you might be wondering is how you can build a compact vehicle that is livable but safe for off-roading! The Micro Minnie has a 15-inch off road tire and axle lift. This makes it easy to drive into the wilderness. The trailer is insulated with radiant foil, and all the holding tanks are heated and enclosed to prevent freezing. If you’re into going off the grid, the Micro Minnie has roof mount solar charger prep and wifi prep, as well as backup camera prep and a wireless cell phone charger. When you’re well rested and adventuring during the day, your trailer can charge via the solar roof port. Then, when you come home from hiking, skiing, swimming or otherwise adventuring, you can take a warm shower. These features make it easy to camp off the grid without worrying about power or internet connection, and never compromising on comfort. 

Now, as for the fun parts of the Micro Minnie, you’ll have built-in exterior speakers, an LED TV, and LED exterior lighting! This combination makes for a perfect night under the stars – good tunes, good light and good vibes. That said, if you’ve spent enough time on the road, you know that securing your belongings is not easy in a vehicle that both moves and provides living space. The Micro Minnie boasts a three-burner recessed stove top with backlit knobs and a glass top, as well as a double-door gas/electric refrigerator, convection microwave and stainless steel sink. At 72 inches long, the dinette can comfortably seat up to four people, so you can easily host guests or travel with friends, partners or kids! You’ll feel right at home with the leather furniture, light-grain wooden cabinets and bright silver accents. Whatever your needs, DDRV makes accommodations easy. 

Whether you like to go off-grid or stay in campgrounds, DDRV has a vehicle for you. Check out our Micro Minnie Series and explore our options. We offer customization for adaptability to your lifestyle, your desires and your needs, all while remaining space efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Visit DDRV.com today to explore models in Boise and the Los Angeles area and contact us with any questions you have about starting out on your rolling adventures!