Are you an Idaho resident looking for a 5th wheel vehicle for hire or purchase? Look no further than Dennis Dillon RV Marine Powersports. We are your 5th wheel RV dealer in Idaho looking to fix all your RV needs. 


We understand that the RV and 5th wheel vehicles market is filled with many companies offering the services. Hence, we have relentlessly upped our game over the years to ensure that we are at par with the market best in the industry.  As such, our results speak volumes of our competency. Currently, we are the top 5th wheel RV dealer Idaho and in California, where we also have a store. 


So what sets us apart? 



  1. Highest Dollar Recoup for Your Trade-in at your 5th Wheel RV Dealer Idaho

If you want to cash in your 5th wheel vehicle, we are your go-to guy in Idaho. We understand that it costs you a lot to buy it, and we are here to ensure you recoup as much as possible from the sale. 


Our experts will inspect the vehicle and value it as per the current rates. Thus, you are assured of fetching the best price around because we value you. 



  1. Convenient Location

We are located just 3 miles away from Boise Airport. Hence, you can reach our stores without hassle in just a few minutes. What’s more, we also facilitate your transport by offering you free pickup once you land at the airport. 



  1. Expert Advice

We are a family-owned business but operate with the utmost professionalism. To facilitate this, we have hired the best in the field to guide you on how to use your RV, 5th wheel vehicle, or boat. 


Our technicians leave no stone unturned in assisting our beloved customers. This is because we hire only the best in the field. We also offer regular refresher courses to our staff, ensuring that they keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry. 


And this is not only limited to the field officers but also our customer service staff. So if you have any queries, reach out, and you’ll be amazed at how satisfactorily they’ll answer them. We are also keen on making a follow-up, ensuring that your problem is solved to completion. 



  1. Fully Stocked Parts

We have been in operation since 1973, and our longevity can be partly attributed to our ability to solve any RV problem. If you want any 5th wheel RV part, we have it. Our parts are also legit and up to standard. 


We have no match in the market in this regard, which is testified to by our massive sales in California and Idaho. Hence, if you want any RV part, reach out to us.



  1. Wide Range of Brands we carry at our 5th Wheel RV Dealer in Idaho

We understand that each client has an RV of choice. Thus, we have stocked an extensive range of brands giving you an almost endless list to select from. Among the top brands you’ll find at our stores includes: 

  • KZ
  • Vanleigh RV
  • Forest River
  • Keystone RV
  • Highland Ridge RV
  • Northwood
  • Winnebago
  • Grand Design

Also, if you are looking for the latest models, we’ve got you covered. We have models as new as 2022, meaning you’re the vehicle’s first owner. 


Our prices are also competitive. We sell to you value; hence no RV in our collection is overpriced. 



  1. Thorough Inspection at our 5th Wheel RV Dealer in Idaho

Many buyers of used 5th wheel RVs are skeptical about the condition of the vehicles. And true to their fears, most dealers are not keen on inspecting every essential part. 


We are different as we spend quite a considerable time making a detailed analysis of each and every part. Thus, our valuation is a true reflection of the real condition of the RV. This way, we ensure that our clients get value for what they are paying for.



  1. International Experience

If you are buying a 5th Wheel RV abroad, we will ensure that the deal goes through seamlessly. This is through our reliable networks in different countries. We also facilitate the entire purchase process from the start to the end. 


All you require is to give us your purchase instructions and sit back. We’ll execute, and before you know it, your RV has arrived and is ready for use. 



Final Thoughts

When you purchase an RV from any of our stores, you can confirm that you have just forged a long-term relationship with the best dealer in Idaho. Our service doesn’t just end at the point of sale. We continually keep tabs with our customers, ensuring that they reap the best from their valuable investment.


Hence, please spare some time and visit our Idaho center. In addition to seeing our wide range of 5th Wheel vehicles, you can be sure that you will enjoy the scenic surrounding. Also, there is a host of endless pass-time activities around, such as fishing, skiing, and sightseeing. 


Give us a visit or reach out to us, and we’ll make your contact worthwhile. 


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