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What Is a 5th Wheel RV?


A 5th Wheel camper is a type of non-motorized RV that hitches to the bed of a pickup truck via a U-shaped coupling component. Often nicknamed a “Fiver,” these trailers offer the same level of amenities without having to upgrade to a motorized RV.


5th Wheel RVs got their name from their original hitch design, which was used to attach a trailer with—you guessed it—a fifth wheel to a horse-drawn carriage. The extra wheel gave the carriage driver more maneuverability and flexibility when hauling goods somewhere.


Fast forward to the modern era where 5th Wheel RVs provide outdoor enthusiasts with a convenient way to hit the road. Most 5th Wheel RVs range between 25 to 40 feet, and you can easily find one that comes with all of the features and amenities on your list.


Since Fivers don’t have engines, they require less upkeep and maintenance than a motorhome. However, you’ll want to ensure that you have a vehicle that will be able to tow a 5th Wheel RV before you invest in one.


What’s the Difference Between a 5th Wheel RV and a Travel Trailer RV?


A 5th Wheel RV is a type of Travel Trailer, but they earn a separate classification because of their size. While a standard Travel Trailer can sleep up to eight people, a 5th Wheel RV can sleep up to ten and often have more amenities.


A notable difference between a 5th Wheel RV and a Travel Trailer is that a 5th Wheel hooks into the bed of a pickup truck over the rear wheels while a folding or standard Travel Trailer hitches to the bumper of a pickup or SUV. 


If you want to be able to use the bed of your truck, then you’ll want to stick with a folding or standard Travel Trailer. But if you want to maximize your trailer space without opting for a motorized RV, then a 5th Wheel RV will do the trick.


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What’s the Difference Between a 5th Wheel RV and a Toy Hauler Trailer RV?


One of the primary differences between a 5th Wheel RV and a Toy Hauler Trailer RV is the hitch style. While 5th Wheels attach to the bed of a truck, Toy Haulers attach to a bumper hitch like standard Travel Trailers. So first and foremost, you have to ask yourself whether you want to have access to the bed of your truck. If the answer is no, then a 5th Wheel may offer all the storage space you need.


At the same time, 5th Wheel RVs generally focus on maximizing living space, while Toy Haulers limit the amount of living space because they include a garage area for your bikes, ATVs, kayaks, and more. Because of their reduced living space, Toy Haulers are typically cheaper than 5th Wheel RVs. If you’re planning on traveling with a smaller group and like to bring a lot of items with you on your trips, then a Toy Hauler may be the way to go.


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Features and Amenities of 5th Wheel RVs


Many people find that 5th Wheel hitches are significantly easier to drive with than a traditional bumper pull. If you’re an avid national or state park explorer, a 5th Wheel can make it easier to navigate tight roads. Fivers also provide a smoother towing experience because the RV’s weight is evenly distributed from the hitch.


Additionally, 5th Wheel RVs are sturdier than traditional travel trailers and have better safety records. With this non-motorized option, you’ll save money on gas without sacrificing the space that comes with a motorhome.


Many 5th Wheel models come equipped with an auto-leveling system, so you can get hitched up and hit the road quickly. While you’re out on your adventure, your crew will enjoy the privacy within the RV provided by the split-level design of the trailer. Numerous Fivers will also have slide-outs to create even more space when you get to where you’re going.


5th Wheel RVs typically have higher ceilings to keep you from feeling cramped and maximize your storage space. And since it’s still a trailer, you can always unhitch it at your campsite and take your personal vehicle into town for groceries or activities.


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