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What Is a Class B Plus RV?

Dennis Dillon RV is your class B plus RV dealer in Orange County

Class B Plus motorhomes are essentially a hybrid of Class B and Class C RVs. They offer more room for the whole crew to hang out in and more storage to bring along all the things you need.


These RV models are constructed on a large van or bus chassis but don’t have a cab-over sleeper, even though they’re often styled to look like they do. You can find Class B Plus RV options with four-wheel drive or use standard gas instead of diesel. The extra room in a Class B Plus motorhome often makes it possible to sleep up to eight people, and many models feature a standup shower.


What’s the Difference Between a Class B Plus RV and a Traditional Class B RV?


The primary difference between Class B Plus RVs and traditional Class B RVs is size. As their names suggest, Class B Plus motorhomes are larger than Class B models, giving owners more room for people and gear. Additionally, Class B Plus models have larger storage tanks for water and gray and black waste and have a greater capacity for towing. 


However, Class B Plus motorhomes look more like an RV than a van, so they’re not the best option for people who enjoy stealth camping. If there are only two of you, then a Class B Model might be the way to go, as you can always get crafty with your storage solutions. But keep in mind that traditional Class B RVs have “wet baths” instead of the shower space offered by Class B Plus motorhomes.


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What’s the Difference Between a Class B Plus RV and a Class C RV?


In terms of federal regulations, Class B Plus RVs are actually a type of Class C RVs. Class C RVs are generally 27 to 32 feet long but often don’t have as many amenities as the shorter Class B Plus models. Class C motorhomes come with more space and can fit more people comfortably, while Class B Plus motorhomes tend to get better gas mileage and are often considered easier to drive. 


A significant difference between the two is that Class C RVs come with the cab-over sleeper area. As we said before, many Class B Plus motorhomes are designed to look like they have the cab-over quarters but often feature a skylight or a bit of extra storage space instead.


Even though Class C RVs are larger than Class B Plus models, Class B Plus RVs tend to be more expensive because they come with more features and amenities. 


If you’re looking for a motorhome for you and your significant other or small family to go “glamping” in, a Class B Plus model will have everything you need. But if you have a bigger family and want more space for everyone to lounge, then a Class C RV is likely the better bet for you.


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Features and Amenities of Class B Plus RVs


Class B Plus RVs often come with more amenities than other models, which ultimately leads to a cozier space for the people traveling in the motorhome. The top Class B Plus RV models are equipped with luxury amenities, such as a dishwasher.


Many Class B Plus RVs also come with front chairs that swivel to open up the living space and offer more seating. Typically, Class B Plus motorhomes have enough room for a queen-sized bed. 


In addition to getting better gas mileage, it’s significantly easier to park a Class B Plus RV because it packs the maneuverability of a small box truck. Most Class B Plus motorhomes can easily fit into tight camping spaces or traditional parking spots. 


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