Your Class B RV Dealer in Idaho

The typical Class B RV vans are also known as Motorhomes. These camper vans are the talk of the town and can virtually accommodate anyone and anything. As a licensed Class B RV dealer in Idaho, we offer you different vans at comfortable prices. 

If you’re just starting with the class B RV lifestyle, we have got lots of exciting vans for you to choose from. These camper vans are constructed and built on a standard, average van chassis. Class B is no one’s mate. It comes with the extra love and features you’ll love to see on any camper. 

Class B RVs are small but offer the same amenities: a living room, kitchen, sleeping corner, and of course, the bathroom. If you’re a lover of road trip mini-vacation, then you got a friend in the classic RV motorhome. 

As well as its small size, the Class B RV camper vans are a sign of freedom. Live the nomadic life for a moment, and see the world in different dimensions. They provide high fuel efficiency, more storage space, excellent maneuverability, and little maintenance. These features give class B a higher edge over the class A and C motorhomes. Need we talk about the pricing, it’s another excellent feature about this motorhome category. Only the best Class B RV dealer in Idaho can offer excellent prices for this treasure

Why the Class B RV Motorhome is Good

Idaho is the home to many roads, and an occasional road trip may not be out of order. Here are some reasons why the class B RV should be your ideal traveling partner. 

Better Fuel Economy

The class B RV is built with a fuel-efficient engine. A typical class B averages between 17-18 miles per gallon, and with the current gasoline prices, it’s a wise investment. You can save more with a class B.

Love Road Tours? Class B is your Best Bet

Road trips in Idaho consist of long, windy roads. The more giant-sized motorhomes are significant, and turning corners in them could be tricky, especially at night. Outside Idaho, the other class motorhomes may look like a farm tractor, snailing on the road. 

These camper vans come in a manageable size, are easily maneuverable, and compact for the lane size without taking up much space on the highway. 

It offers Class and Speed like Cars.

Class B RVs are designed with an excellent speed to get you where you want to go. Its multipurpose functionality allows you to get groceries at the store, park off the freeway for some hot meal, or take a ride within the jungle. 

It gets the car job done but comes with a piece of your home. As your Class B RV dealer in Idaho, different sizes bring that desirable function for you. Class B RVs have become a common sight in Idaho, which won’t change anytime soon.

Designed for the Active Nomads

There’s something about class B RVs that screams adventure. If you love to move around, Class B is for you. No more booking into a motel or hotel or disturbing a relative in the dead of night. 

People who enjoy spending time outdoor prefer to use Class B to get them to their destination without stress. A piece of home on the road is what this travel companion offers you. 

Makeshift Guest Room in the Driveway

Suppose you’ve got a guest in your home. In that case, you could provide more privacy for you and them with the friendly Class B. Get an affordable motorhome from your Class B RV dealer in Idaho attach an extension cord. An extra bedroom is available, with full amenities. 

You could also use it to get away from the stress of the main house and take a power nap. 

Top features for the Class B RV

  • In-couch bed: the fold-out beds can be folded into the wall or the furniture when you’re not using it. It saves you space and provides compactness.
  • Galley kitchen: the Class B RV offers you a smaller, dinette kitchen. All your cooking stuff is in one place, and the kitchen comes with storage spaces.
  • Accommodates 2-4 persons only: the compactness and size of the Class B motorhome reduce its capacity to 2-4 persons a night.
  • High fuel efficiency: the Class B RV is the most efficient fuel saver in the motorhome series.


Your favorite Class B RV Dealer in Idaho knows the road network and why you’ll need a class b. Not many people who are fans of RVs are indifferent about which class. With the high features Class B carries, you no longer have to be worried about refilling gasoline. The interiors are unique, and with a makeshift sleeping area, you could make the Class B motorhome your favorite home away from home.

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