Coachmen RV is no stranger to U.S. roads and highways. “Leader to the Great Outdoors” is true and is seen with its rich history.


We are your Coachmen RV dealer in Idaho! Since 1964, Coachmen has been at the forefront of the RV industry. Built on the principle “Dedicated to the enrichment of your life,” Coachmen does just that — enhancing your lifestyle as you chart through life and create memories. With their superior value and service, Coachmen RV is a brand you can trust.


Over 600,000 RVs have been built and sold in the past five decades, showcasing their dedication to dependable design and practical innovation. Simplicity and functionality are key, and they tie in user-friendly features and efficient designs. Using high-grade materials to craft each product, Coachmen RV ensures quality construction practices that overshadow their competitors. 


But, it doesn’t stop there! Coachmen RV is a certified Green Business, using green materials for its operations. They’ve taken steps to provide quality RV products while following standards for green construction. To Coachmen, this isn’t a task that they have to do. It’s embedded into the brand, ensuring safe and healthy materials to create products with little to no impact on the environment. 


Coachmen RV has truly come a long way, creating products that represent excellent value and classic design. The brand is unparalleled — no matter what style or design you prefer, Coachmen has something special for everyone. We offer various Coachmen RV styles and help you choose the perfect RV for your travel adventures. 


If you’re interested in Coachmen RV, then look no further. DDRV is your Coachmen RV dealer in Idaho, and we’re ready to be a part of your next journey. Chat with us today! 


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