DDRV is your Renegade RV dealer in Orange County! Are you someone who likes to do things differently — not satisfied with the status quo, but still looking for the very best? If so, a Renegade RV will fit you like a smooth leather glove. The company that began as a rebel in the luxury motorhome market in the late 1990s is now one of it’s household names.

The manufacturer’s obsession with extreme quality and a dedication to uniqueness has earned them the respect of both their peers and their customers. You’ll find that the company only uses premium chassis, such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, or some of the best diesel ones manufactured by industry leaders like Volvo, Navistar, and Freightliner.

The stability, durability, and power of their chassis isn’t the only thing Renegade RVs have going for them — there’s also the Air Ride cab seats which ensure a firm but smooth ride, with adjustable lumbar support and optional heated seats on some models. 

When it comes to their interiors, Renegade truly emphasizes the “luxury” aspect of luxury motorhomes.  All of their motor coaches contain real hardwood cabinets — as well as passage doors and cabinet stiles! You will feel a noticeable air of residential craftsmanship imbued in every single one of their models. 

And if all of this has left you eager to find the best Renegade RV dealer, look no further — DDRV.com is your Renegade RV dealer in Orange County and is the most knowledgeable RV dealership ready to answer any questions you might have and more than happy to help you out! We’re ready to be a part of your next journey. Chat with us today!

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