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What Is a Super C RV?


DDRV is here for you as Your Super C RV Dealer in Orange County! As you’ve probably guessed, a Super C RV is a bigger version of a Class C RV. A Super C motorhome offers the best of both worlds for travelers: the space of a Class A vehicle with the style of a Class C RV.


A Super C RV is built on a larger, heavier-duty chassis than the ones used for a standard Class C. This enlarged chassis lends itself to a more robust engine, increased carrying capacity, and a more powerful brake system.


The primary purpose of upgrading to a Super C RV is usually to fit more people in the living area. Even if you don’t introduce any more beds than you would in a Class C RV, you still give your crew members more space to hang out.


What’s the Difference Between a Class C RV and a Super C RV?


Super C RVs are a type of Class C motorhomes, and the primary difference between the two is size. Super Cs are designed to look like a standard Class C RV, but they have significantly more space than a standard Class C. 


Since Super C RVs have a wider wheelbase than a standard Class C, many drivers feel more secure driving them. 


Super C motorhomes are built with a bigger chassis and powerplant than other Class C RVs. Like other Class C models, Super Cs don’t require a special license to drive. However, you can fit more people and items inside a Super C, and you’ll be able to tow more behind a Super C RV. 


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What’s the Difference Between a Super C RV and a Class A RV?


The most apparent differences between a Super C RV and Class A RV lie in size and style. Class A motorhomes have the traditional RV appearance with a flat front and giant windshield. Since Super Cs are just larger versions of Class C RVs, they have over-cab storage or sleeping space.


Luxury models of both Super C and Class A RVs will come with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, full bathrooms, and more. However, Class A RVs tend to offer more space for travelers to enjoy their various amenities.


Perhaps surprisingly, Super C RVs tend to pack more power than their Class A counterparts. Since Super C motorhomes are built like trucks, they’re crafted with strength and durability in mind. These vehicles’ robustness makes them a better option for families who like to travel with boats, ATVs, or other toys.


At the moment, it is easier to get your hands on a Class A motorcoach because they offer more options. The wider availability of a Class A RV can make it easier for you to negotiate a lower price. But Super C RVs are worth the investment if you believe it’s a better option for your crew.


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Features and Amenities of Super C RVs


Super Cs generally come with numerous large storage compartments, so you can bring everything you could possibly need out on the road with you. Super C RVs also have significantly more towing capabilities than other RV classes, with some models able to tow up to 20,000 pounds.


Even though the Super C is bigger than a standard Class C RV, many RV enthusiasts find that most Super C models handle just as well as the smaller Class C motorhomes. Many people shy away from larger RVs because they’re more challenging to maneuver, but Super Cs are often relatively easy to drive.


Since many Super C RVs come with air-ride suspension, they offer a smoother ride than other RV classes. This makes Super C RVs ideal for families who love to embark on long-range road trips. Additionally, Super Cs will still have the engine under the hood in the front of the RV, so you can easily access the engine when you need.


Aside from easy engine access, Super Cs are generally easier to service because they’re often built with a large truck chassis. This increases the number of service stations you can bring your vehicle to. Although, you likely won’t have to worry about that too often, as Super C RVs are notorious for their durability.


Where to Buy a Super C RV in Orange County


At Dennis Dillon RV, we have are the best Super c RV dealer Orange County. We an incredible selection of new and pre-owned Super C RVs. You can shop online or visit our Orange County location today to speak with one of our representatives about what you’re looking for in your next RV.


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