We are happy to see you here. DDRV is your toy hauler 5th wheel RV dealer in Idaho! You being here means your loved ones love exploring, either on water or land. Anyone would possibly make a memorable time while moving through the country in an RV or conquering an ocean in a boat. It is fantastic. As we grew up, we had the same passion and appreciation that could be driving you now. We enjoyed any time we would travel not by road but other adventurous ways. We promise to walk your journey with you, whatever the destination.

When our toy hauler 5th wheel initiative started, we were a few of us, and the business was family-owned. Only several things have changed over the years we have been in operation, but we are proud to be among the most prominent toy hauler 5th wheel dealer in Idaho. Among other factors that have propelled our growth is that most of our team members have been with us since the foundation. 

When you transact with us, you truly work with a local business. We have made a life for ourselves here in Idaho, which does not match the operation of some faceless corporate companies. In that case, we treat our customers as family, neighbors, or close friends.

Why should you do business with us?

  • We will give the highest value for your money 
  • Convenient location 
  • We have experienced staff with sufficient expertise on toy hauler 5th wheel questions and answers. 
  • We have highly skilled service personnel with the most Master Certified technicians in the state. 
  • Fully stocked spare parts center
  • All types of toy hauler 5th wheel brands you are looking for. 
  • Carefully checked used inventory.
  • We have international experience, with the ability to source your chosen item from any country.   

Above all, you are assured of a lifetime relationship even after walking away excited with your new purchase. We pride ourselves in giving our customers an ongoing service and advice as the years pass. You will always get the highest value in your toy hauler 5th wheel. 

As the significant toy hauler 5th wheel RV dealer in Idaho, we can assure you of the following experiences if you are coming from a different state:

  • The most beautiful streams, mountains, and lakes
  • The most envied recreation destinations 
  • The best choices of skiing, fishing, hunting, and boating spots.

Our services

We have our qualified technicians always ready to provide exceptional, timely services. It does not matter which toy you need to be fixed because they are always prepared to tackle the job with the best accessories and spare parts. We strive to maintain the top-tier customer service bot for our new and pre-owned toy hauler 5th wheel buyers. All we ask you is to give us a chance to demonstrate our commitment to excellence. 

The primary services that we offer are:

  • Appliance services
  • Trailer wheel bearing repack
  • Complimentary roof inspection. You do not require an appointment for this service.
  • Slide room service 
  • Go power solar special
  • RV body repairs 
  • RV body insurance claims 
  • Safe steering stabilizer 
  • Upgrading the quality of your ride



Sourcing finances for a toy hauler 5th wheel may seem complicated, but it is unbelievably easy when you work with a trusted partner. Having been ranked among the best toy hauler 5th wheel RV dealer in Idaho, we eliminate all the stress you may anticipate. We go as far as getting you the best possible terms and rates and at the same time offering you easy-to-use online platforms to ease the financing of your selected items and make it an excellent experience. 

Take your time and call our team of experts. Ask them any questions regarding the toy hauler 5th wheel, and they will answer you satisfactorily. Besides, they will walk you through the process and guide you to your goals. 

We will assist you to do the following: 

  • Finance a new toy hauler 5th wheel
  • Finance a used toy hauler 5th wheel 
  • Get a loan irrespective of your current credit rating
  • Refinancing a loan or access a low-interest loan so you can finance your desired toy hauler 5th wheel


Online Application 

From the onset, we will offer you a repayment calculator. In addition, we will provide you with a quick and easy online finance application, which qualifies us to remain at the top list among the trusted toy hauler 5th wheel RV dealer in Idaho. 

We do not mean to rush you, but we understand the lengthy process of shopping for a new toy hauler, 5th wheel and applying for financing. We welcome you to complete your application at any time at your convenience. Your timing does not matter to us because we are always at your service. Remember, we need a lifetime relationship, and we are willing to give whatever it takes to have you in our family. Once you submit your application, you will immediately receive a notification of how much has been approved for you. 

If you are set for adventures, pay us a visit to Idaho. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our team

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