John & Mary Anne

There are many, many different choices of Forest River dealers, so what could make John & Mary Anne specifically choose DDRV? They loved the great online reviews and huge selection of RVs that is unrivaled by any other dealership!

Help’s Waiting

John & Mary Anne chose DDRV as the Forest River dealer to purchase their brand new Forest River Berkshire 34QS, and they left with smiles on their faces! They had nothing but good things to say and were “so impressed” with the entire experience. Mary Anne mentioned that “Everyone was patient with us” and “They took their time when we asked questions.”

Delivery Day

John is self-described as “not a Diesel person” so he had a list of questions for his technician going into the walkthrough. After it was over, he excitedly mentioned that the technician was able to answer all of his questions and he left knowing more about Berkshire than when he entered the lot. He described the experience as “great” and “very helpful.”

We would like to once again thank John & Mary Anne for choosing DDRV!


John & Mary Anne: Hi, we’re John and Mary Anne and we just purchased a Forest River Berkshire 34QS.

Titles: What trips do you have planned with your new RV?

John & Mary Anne: We’re gonna go to the Sierras so we can do some fishing and camping. Spring Training. Watch the Padres, not the Dodgers. We’re just gonna play it by ear where we go. Stay local for a while and then maybe venture out. We have relatives in Oregon, Portland. Go up the coast. That’s why we got this vehicle. We wanted a nice vehicle to travel in.

Titles: How did you hear about DDRV?

John & Mary Anne: We found them on the internet looking at motorhomes. Then we went to the RV show in Pomona and had a great experience. We looked at the the reviews on Yelp. We looked at the coaches that you had in your inventory and it was just great.

Titles: How was your experience at DDRV?

John & Mary Anne: Nothing but great. I’m so impressed. Especially today, the walkthrough with this motorhome. Everything was explained. I’m not a diesel person, but your technician here Vince was excellent explaining everything I need to know about this Diesel motor. It was great. Very helpful.

Titles: Would you recommend DDRV?

John & Mary Anne: Yea, absolutely! Everyone was patient with us. They took their time when we asked questions. And again today took the time to explain what we were doing. Explained every step of the way and we just feel like we had a really good experience.

Hi my name is Mary Anne Maples and I bought my Berkshire from DDRV.

End Transcript