Manuel couldn’t help but smile all through delivery as he picked up his Riverside RV White Water Retro. He thanked DDRV for helping him find the perfect RV for his family, and we would like to thank him for giving us the opportunity to help him find it!

Ending the Search

It was DDRV’s gigantic inventory that brought Manuel and his family through our doors. They had been searching for a long time to find their perfect RV. Visiting other RV dealerships had gotten them nowhere in their search, and it was only after entering our lot that they knew that their search was over.

Found it!

As soon as Manuel’s wife saw a Retro at DDRV, they all knew that they had found their new RV! They were drawn to the Retro for it’s classic design and mobility. It was the perfect choice as a tow-able for their mid-size SUV.

Manuel had nothing short of a glowing review after buying from DDRV. He wanted it to be known that no matter what a potential customer is looking for, whether it be a Class A, B or anyting else, DDRV most likely has it!

We would like to thank Manuel for coming to DDRV! We hope that you’re enjoying your brand new Retro!


Manuel: My name is Manuel I purchased the Riverside White Water Retro Jr.

Titles: What makes this the perfect RV for you?

Manuel: This one I can put it inside my garage, which is very important to me. It’s a cute little thing, as you can see it’s very cute. It’s nice. It’s easy to pull. You don’t have to worry about pulling a huge trailer. And besides I get a small SUV, which I think this one will really do the job for.

Titles: ow did you hear about DDRV?

Manuel: I’ve been seeing DDRV because I live in Huntington Beach. And every time we go to LA we pass by the 405 and you can see it there. There’s another RV company near our place, but my wife saw this. So as soon as she decided to buy it we came over here. We didn’t go anywhere else. We just came over here and looked for it. We found it. It’s here and now it’s ours.

Titles: How was your experience at DDRV?

Manuel: It’s been a good experience coming over here at DDRV. We came here just to look for something, me and my wife, came over were looking for a trailer. And she was interested in what she saw one time when we were passing by. When we got inside the office, suddenly she saw it and told me “that’s what I want.” and that’s what we got now.

Titles: Would you recommend DDRV?

Manuel: I would recommend DDRV because they got a lot of different RVs. If you really want a big one, they have it. If you want a Charleston, you want a Winnebago, you want an A Class, a B Class, a C Class, they have it here. I suggest if you guys want to purchase an RV you know what you do is come over to DDRV, Dennis Dillon, and talk to one of the Sales Persons. They’ll walk around, take a look. And who knows you may get one at the price you really want to buy it, like us.

Hi, my name is Manuel T. and I bought my Riverside White Water Retro from DDRV. Thank you.

End Transcript