The Beaver Family

What could make the Beavers drive 1,200 miles? An “excellent” deal and an unparalleled selection that nabs them the Thor Challenger 37KT that they were looking for!

The Modern Age

The Beavers have a story that is unlike most of our customers. They were having no luck in their search for an RV online. It was only after they discovered that they found what they were looking for.

Their next hurdle came because DDRV was 1,200 miles from home. However, it turns out this little thing called the internet isn’t only good for playing relationship matchmaker, but it also plays matchmaker for people looking for their perfect RV! When asked why he made the trip, Scott said “with the internet today, there’s no reason to stay local when you can go out and get what you want across the nation.”

The Beavers got into contact with a sales consultant through the phone and messaging to finalize the deal that was too hard to pass up. After traveling 1,200 miles they arrived at DDRV and then rode away with a brand new Thor Challenger 37KT.

We would like to thank the Beavers for choosing DDRV! We don’t know how the drive out was, but we do know that the ride back was more than comfortable!


The Beaver Family: Hi I’m Scott and this is my wife Tammy, and our lovely pet thing. We just purchased this, uh I don’t remember what it is, Thor 37KT from Dennis Dillon RV. We drove all the way from Montana about 1,200 miles just to do this deal. We’re very happy with our purchase.

Titles: How did you hear about

The Beaver Family: We found out about DDRV through the internet. Did a lot of shopping, and we were after this model. They were the only one that carried it.

Titles: How was your experience with

The Beaver Family: Thus far, everything has been excellent. Like I said, we wouldn’t have made a 1,200 mile drive if it wasn’t going to be.

Titles: Would you recommend DDRV?

The Beaver Family: Absolutely, we would recommend DDRV. The reason being is, the purchase was made easy over the phone and text messages. Also, with the internet today, there’s no reason to stay local when you can go out and get what you want across the nation. DDRVs the place to be. Hi my name is Scott Beaver, and my wife Tammy, and we just purchased our 37KT Thor from DDRV.

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