Forest River recreational vehicles are some of the most sought after RVs out there. This is due to the brand’s amazing prestige and illustrious history which have given its models a topnotch reputation. There are a number of RVers in the industry who are proud owners of some beasts designed by this manufacturer. If you also have one of their RVs then you must’ve probably faced some issues when it comes to maintenance.

Keeping your RV up and running is always a pain in the neck for many drivers. Well, don’t break a sweat! Here are some helpful tips for you guys that will probably do you a solid and teach you a thing or two about proper maintenance of your Forest River RV.

Keep Your Baby Well-Maintained

It is common sense that if you don’t keep your vehicle’s engine clean then it’s bound to wear out sooner. Make sure you regularly do some cleaning of your RV’s insides as this is bound to extend its lifespan. Properly lubricating and keeping the engine coated with a good quality of wax will more than ensure that your baby keeps running for a long time.

If you’ve been out on the road with your RV then you probably know what the whole interior suffers from while going through bumps. The whole interior usually gets a good shake up during travel and that’s when some of the loosened up equipment can become a pain for you. In order to avoid mishaps, keep everything tightened up with some old-school screw drivering and wrenching! Also make sure you sanitize the water tank on a regular basis!

Important Things to Stock for the Journey

You’d probably want to keep a bunch of spare lights and bulbs stocked up before you hit the road on your RV. You don’t know when the lights inside your ‘second home’ may give up so you should always have some backup!

Plus, another helpful thing to bring along your journey is a cheap multi-meter. You want to make sure there are no power outage issues and having a multi-meter around will help you out with that by allowing you to keep tabs on your RV’s main voltages. 

Regular Inspections

You’re about to take your baby out on the road for some traveling and you haven’t even done a routine inspection? Are you crazy!? Get in there and do a whole checkup of each and every single part of your RV. You don’t want any thing to bite you in the butt while you’re out on the road do you?

Doing regular inspections on external seals and making sure there aren’t any holes or cracks on the roof will make sure you avoid all sorts of minor and major issues while living in the RV.

If these maintenance tips don’t keep your RV up and running then you might as well get rid of it and come visit us at one of our DDRV locations. We’ll make sure you find a better Forest River ride (don’t forget that we also have many other brands!) which is friendly for your pocket and gives you no worries when it comes to maintenance.