Class C dealer: RVs are a classic way to travel and can be fundamental in helping you to create your ultimate vacation experience. But what if you don’t have a Class A or B license? Do you have to get yourself one to enjoy your dream? Great news: the answer is no.

Thanks to Class C RVs, any family can enjoy their dream vacation experience without the need for added driving skills. At we have a wide variety of Class C RVs,, so you can get yourself on the road as soon as possible!

 Here are just a few examples of the trusted RV brands you can find at our dealership locations:  



Founded by brothers Tom, Keith, and Claude Corson in 1964, Coachmen RVs have been helping people realize their road trip dreams for 57 years. Known as the “leader to the great outdoors,” this company knows their stuff when it comes to RVing. 

Coachmen take pride in their close relationships with their dealerships and their customers, and are committed to producing high quality RVs that boast a combination of safety, comfort, convenience, and style.


Some of our Coachmen models include:


2021 Coachmen Freelander 21RS

The Freelander 21RS is a perfect blend of style, comfort, and convenience. A perfect choice for both novice RVers and the more experienced, the Freelander is sure to bring some fun times along with it. It’s a great option for exploring and creating new memories to share!

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Available at our Boise dealership 


2022 Coachmen Leprechaun 319MB

The Coachmen Leprechaun has been around since 1973, and generations of RVers have appreciated its presence. With its multitude of upgraded features, it’s no wonder the Leprechaun is so popular! Coachmen always go above and beyond, but this RV takes the cake. The experienced RVer knows what they want, and the Leprechaun definitely delivers!

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Available at our Orange County dealership 



Founded in 2010 by Dave Middleton and Claude Donati, Nexus is quickly becoming the go-to of RV enthusiasts despite the brand’s young age. A unique feature of this manufacturer is their on-site factory tours, an experience well worth trying for potential buyers!

Their build-your-own sales model allows the highest level of customization possible, giving you the freedom to create your own RV experience down to the last detail.


Some of our Nexus models include:


2021 Nexus Triumph 31T

The Nexus Triumph boasts the title of best in class for construction quality and reliability. With its all-steel composite construction, it offers safer, smoother rides, as well as less potential for water damage and road noise. All of this combined with its all-new Ford V-8 7.3 L engine offers RVers a blend of safety, comfort, and power.

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Available at our Boise dealership 


2021 Nexus Phantom 31P

For all the comforts of home while on the road, the Nexus Phantom does more than deliver. A very popular Class C RV, experienced RVers and the more novice agree that this is a great choice for your own personal home away from home. With comfort, safety, and convenience obvious down to the last detail, you won’t be sorry if you choose this model!

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Available at our Orange County dealership 



Entegra has been around for 50 years, and in 2008 joined with the Jayco family. Their standard of excellence is obvious in each of their skillfully crafted RVs, built strong and safe with an emphasis on comfort.

They work with their dealers and customers to support a relationship of trust, ensuring that every Entegra delivers the best possible experience to all involved. 

Some of our Entegra models include:


2021 Entegra Odyssey 31F

No expense has been spared in the crafting of the Entegra Odyssey. From the gorgeous interior design to the sturdy construction, you’re all but guaranteed to have an amazing experience with this Class C RV. Touting a powerful Ford E-450 and E-Z Drive to boot, all passengers and crew will love the Odyssey’s ride!

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Available at our Orange County dealership


2022 Entegra Odyssey 26D

All the comforts of the Odyssey you know and love, just upgraded to the latest version! A brand-new addition to our inventory, the 26D is quickly becoming a popular choice, and rightfully so. For all the comforts of home in a cozy, compact package with the reliability of Entegra that experienced RVers trust, you can have confidence that this model will take your breath away in the best way possible.

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Available at our Orange County dealership


Class C RVs are a great way to hit the road without skimping on safety, convenience, and comfort. Whether you’re an experienced RVer or brand new to the world of RVs, we think you’ll love what has to offer!

Contact us today and get on the road tomorrow!