The Eclipse Attitude line of Trailers and 5th Wheels are one of the biggest names in the toyhauler game today. With an endless list of features and rugged construction, these RVs are designed to go just about anywhere your side by side or quad can go.

As the Eclipse Attitude dealer in the Orange County and Boise areas, Dennis Dillon RV stocks a huge variety of Attitude toyhaulers. From trailers to fifth wheels, we have an RV that will fit your toy plus all your gear. 

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Eclipse Attitude toyhauler so popular. 

What is an Eclipse Attitude

The Eclipse Attitude is a “toyhauler” – an RV with a large cargo door and ramp in the rear designed to accommodate an ATV, UTV, dune buggy, golf cart, or any other “toy” you might want to haul. 


An attitude offers many different styles for all types of budgets. You can purchase an Attitude either as a trailer or a fifth wheel. All models can carry a standard size ATV, and most can carry all sizes of UTV or dune buggies.


An Attitude is meant to carry heavier loads than normal – the dead weight of the trailer plus one or more “toys”. Therefore, the underbody of this RV is ultra-tough with two steel I-beams on either side. Let’s take a look at what’s inside.


Eclipse Attitude Interior Features

The interior of an Eclipse Attitude is designed for comfort – with or without a toy on board. The ramp door in the rear is more than just access for an ATV or UTV. It also comes with an electric bed the raises and lowers when the compartment is empty.

Attitude fifth wheels and trailers have 30 amp service with separate A/C units in the living area and the bedroom. An 18K BTU furnace keeps things warm at night when the temperature drops. 

The rear area features 2500 lb. steel tie-downs on the floor for your toys, with a minimum length of 80 inches of storage. Move the captain’s chairs out of the way to achieve even more space – think 2 ATVs – for a minimum of over 13’ of storage for the UTV and golf car, for example.

Finally, the Attitude is big on storage. Tons of cabinets line the rear above the captain’s chairs and bay window, and the bedroom features under-bed storage, as well as storage all along the walls. Even hauling your toys, you’ll still never run out of space to stow your stuff.

Eclipse Attitude Exterior Features

The Attitude is built for play. For starters, every Attitude model comes equipped with a roof deck and ladder where you can watch your crew in style. Beneath the skin of the Attitude are welded aluminum bars with lumber and fiberglass. The floor also adds two steel I-beams plus steel trusses for added stability. No load is too heavy for an Eclipse Attitude.


When opening the rear ramp door, rest assured that you can ride even the largest machine over it without it failing as it is rated for 3,000 lbs. Once inside, the 3” thick floor will ensure your toys stay put once they are tied down.


An Attitude features a massive holding capacity, with 100 gallons of fresh water and 50 gallons each of grey and black. Upgrades include a 100 amp lithium battery and 4K generator, which are standard on larger model trailers and fifth wheels.

Is an Eclipse Attitude Good for Me?

If your idea of a good time always involves a motorized vehicle that isn’t your RV or car, then this toyhauler might be for you. An Attitude is really just next-level camping. Would you rather camp, or would you rather camp with a quad or UTV? The Eclipse Attitude allows you to bring it all.


Even if you don’t have a UTV or other toy, you can load up the rear with your bikes and other vacation gear. When you get to your destination, simply unload it and use the rear as a patio or eating space. People love the ambiance a huge rear door provides. 


Reasons to Purchase an Attitude


With the option for a fifth wheel or trailer, there is a model for all budgets. With the trailers and even some of the fifth wheels, you don’t have to upgrade your existing truck. Any half-ton pickup truck – Ford F150 or Dodge Ram, for instance – can pull one.


Toyhaulers aren’t just for ATV enthusiasts. The options of the giant ramp door in the rear are endless. Eclipse offers patio packages with fold-out platforms with railings, electric bunk beds, and dinette sets that make the rear area completely multifunctional. has floorplans and virtual tours for a huge variety of Eclipse Attitude models – both trailers and fifth wheels. We offer both new and pre-owned models, which means we have something for every family and every budget. Visit us online, at our Los Angeles area or Boise locations to find out how you can own an Eclipse!