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The van — or Class B RV — lifestyle has officially made its comeback, and in a big way. The reasons it appeals to so many people are numerous — from the freedom life on the road brings to their agile, compact size, and everything in between. 

Van life has become its own moniker, with more and more people leaving the confines of home to live a life on the road every day! It’s not necessary to give up your entire life to enjoy the Class B RV lifestyle though; tempting as it might be. You can still create tons of great memories while exploring the open road in your Class B RV!

A Family History of RVing 

DDRV has been family owned and run since we first started way back in 1973. From the beginning, we’ve shared our love of RVing, Powersports, and boating with families just like ours by bringing them the best selection of vehicles in the Boise, ID area. 

Now that the dealership has been passed down from father to son, the same values remain — we help our customers to live their dreams by bringing them the perfect vehicle for their adventuring needs!

We’re passionate about helping families realize their dreams of adventure and make our inventory as accessible as possible to everyone by offering two locations: our Boise dealership, and our Orange County, CA counterpart. People come visit us from far and wide thanks to our convenient location just 3 miles from Boise Airport, where we’ll happily pick you up free of charge! 

Neighbors from nearby love us too, whether from Meridian, Caldwell, or any other town close by. Wherever our customers come from the service is the same: friendly, informative, and RV loving!

Winnebago Revel Dealer

An RV For Any Lifestyle

Whether your RV dreams are grand or a little more modest, DDRV is your go to Winnebago Revel Dealer. For those of you who prefer the compact, agile nature of a Sprinter Van but also want the conveniences of home close by, a Class B RV is the perfect combination of convenience and comfort. 

DDRV has a generous selection of Class B RVs for your family to choose from, fitting a wide range of needs and preferences. The options are almost endless when it comes to shopping for your perfect Class B RV, and we’re happy to help! One of our favorites is from a brand that you’ve likely known for quite a while, and for good reason: the Winnebago Revel.

Winnebago Revel

Winnebago is the name that comes to mind for most people when the topic of RVing is up for discussion. This is because they’ve been helping adventurers get on the road since 1958 and aren’t stopping any time soon! Their commitment to quality, comfort and reliability is second to none, and they take pride in the careful craftsmanship of each of their RVs.

Winnebago has teamed up with Mercedes-Benz, and in the best way. Their Revel is built on the Sprinter chassis, bringing sophistication and the outdoors together in a perfectly blended package. Its gloriously good looks matched with the ruggedness of an off-roading vehicle come together in perfect harmony — off roading in style has never been so easy!

The Comforts of Home, in a Well Wrapped Package

Winnebago has brought you everything you need to traverse the outdoors in style and comfort, and the Revel has been expertly designed with convenience in mind. From the Power Lift bed that disappears on command to the removable countertop extension that adds space when you need it, the surprises that are tucked away within the Revel’s cabin all have the same purpose: to maximize your living space while giving you everything you’ll need to live comfortably on the road.

The power of the 3.0L, 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine packs 188 hp to easily climb the roughest terrain, especially when it’s backed up by the on-demand 4-wheel drive with electronic stability and traction control. Add the 4-wheel ABS brakes to the pile and it becomes even more obvious that you’ll be in good hands with the Winnebago Revel. Not to mention the towing capabilities: the Trailer Hitch with 5,000 lb. draw bar means you can bring along even more than what the Revel is capable of holding, and that’s saying a lot!

Let’s Get You on the Road!

If you’re in the market for a Winnebago Revel Dealer that cares, look no further. Whether you’re our neighbor or hail from somewhere far away, we’re happy to take care of you at DDRV! Our Boise, ID dealership is the largest in all of Idaho, offering the widest selection of RVs for all types of adventures.

Give us a call, or just come on by! We look forward to helping you find the perfect vessel for making your off-roading, camping, and adventuring dreams the reality you deserve!

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