When looking for the perfect RV for your needs, it can be quite challenging. Do you choose size over maneuverability for the sake of comfort, or sacrifice the space you want for the gas mileage you need? It’s enough to drive any RVer mad!

Thankfully, new models are being created all the time to create compromise without sacrificing what’s important, and the Class B Plus is exactly that. It combines the ease of something as nimble and compact as a Class B with the storage and space capacities of a much larger model, all in one perfect package.

DDRV.com is a Class B Plus dealer, and we have many options for you to choose from at both our Boise, ID dealership and our Orange County, CA locations. Here’s a few examples of what you’ll find:



Winnebago is the name that comes to mind when discussing RVing. This makes perfect sense, seeing as they’ve been in business since 1958! With such a long history in the industry, this company knows what it means to live life comfortably while on the road. Here’s a great example of our inventory:

2022 Winnebago Ekko 22A

For all the comforts of home in a conveniently compact package, you can’t go wrong with the Ekko! It’s combined camper-like agility and storage comparable to a larger Class C model brings the best of both worlds on your travels.

A full kitchen with energy efficient appliances, flex bed system and innovative dry/wet bath are all great reasons to bring the Ekko 22A along on your next adventure.

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Available at our Boise dealership



Founded in 1964, Coachmen RVs have been helping people realize their road trip dreams for 57 years. Coachmen are committed to producing high quality RVs that boast a combination of safety, comfort, convenience, and style. Check out this model, just one of many in our inventory:

2021 Coachmen Cross Trek 21XG

The Cross Trek is a perfect example of what a Class B Plus RV should be. The handling of a Class B combined with the storage of a Class C, it’s the perfect hybrid blended with your convenience in mind.

With its large shower size and extra-large kitchen counters you’ll think you’re in a larger motorhome. With entertainment options like an interior/exterior TV and Wi-Fi ranger for better connection, you’ll forget you ever left home!

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Available at our Orange County dealership



Performance, innovation and quality have driven Renegade all throughout its 25 years on the road. Building quality RVs that provide safety and comfort for all this time is the reason they’re touted as one of America’s most result-driven RV brands, and it shows. Here’s one of our available Renegade models:

2021 Renegade Vienna 25FWC

With its comfortable yet intelligently designed interior layout, you’ll feel right at home in the Vienna. Its storage capacity and overall spaciousness feel like a much bigger model, all neatly arranged in a compact package.

Its gorgeous wood furnishings and thoughtful lighting set up will ease you into a relaxing evening after a long day of exploring, and the rugged Mercedes Benz 3500 Sprinter chassis can handle all your travels with ease. A smart choice if ever there was one!

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Available at our Orange County dealership



Nexus RV has been around since 2010 and continue to make great strides in the RV industry, despite their short time on the road. They believe in manufacturing superior RVs and are well known throughout the industry for their exclusive philosophies in RV construction, quality and customer satisfaction. See for yourself while checking out this model:

2022 Nexus Viper 25V

Built to last and tough as they come, the Viper brings power, comfort and convenience with it wherever it goes. Voted best in class for its 72% (word) Steel Composite Structure, it’s made to keep you comfortable, whatever the weather.

With many of the features — like extra storage and a huge entertainment center —found in larger RVs but in a smaller, lighter package, the Viper has all the qualities you love and none of the ones you don’t.

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Available at our Boise dealership 


Class B Plus really does have everything you need for your RVing needs, and in a smaller, more convenient package than many other models. If you want the extra space and storage without sacrificing the convenience that comes with a smaller rig, this could be the class for you!

With DDRV.com as your Class B Plus dealer, you’ll find everything you need to get yourself on the road in no time. Visit us at our Boise or Orange County locations and let us help you find your perfect package!