NeXus Triumph Dealer in Boise and Orange County

There are a few key ingredients to an unforgettable road trip. Our recommendations include a long stretch of the open road, delicious snacks, and a NeXus Triumph. 

The NeXus Triumph Class C motorhome has all of the comforts you need for an extended adventure. Every detail of the RV has been designed with the passengers in mind, from the exterior paint options to the functional and spacious interior. 

At, we are proud to be the preferred NeXus Triumph dealer in Boise and Orange County. Break free from Los Angeles and pay a visit to Houston, or lock up your home in Idaho and venture along the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

With a NeXus Triumph at your disposal, the American landscape is your oyster!

Why Choose the NeXus Triumph

With so many RV options on the market, what makes the NeXus Triumph the best option? 

Construction and Sleek Exterior

The construction of the RV is essential for an optimal experience. The NeXus Triumph is made with steel composite, contributing to a 72% safer ride. Without wood being used in the superstructure, water damage is reduced without compromising insulation.

The RV has high-end features that will find you cruising the roads with confidence and comfort. 

The impressive exterior of the NeXus Triumph is proof that the best-constructed motorhomes can also look good. Choose between a range of paint options including standard, midnight, harvest, and aurora. 

The fiberglass walls and lightweight steel cage ensure the sturdiness of the structure, while the laminated floor and fiberglass roof contribute to a seamless interior aesthetic. 

All of the additional perks you’d expect from an RV are offered by the NeXus Triumph. Including tinted windows for privacy and an outside shower for convenience. 

Chassis and Mechanics

An RV is only as good as the mechanics and how far it can get you. The NeXus Triumph offers the basics such as an engine block heater and emergency start switch, as well as a 660 Ft. LB torque.

Passengers will find comfort in the passenger seats, and the driver will find convenience with the cup holders. Every detail is mapped out and the framework of the RV is optimized for easy driving. 

With a 70-gallon fuel tank, the NeXus Triumph will take you far, and contribute to countless memories. 

Functional Interior

The joy of traveling in an RV is that you have every convenience at your fingertips. The NeXus Triumph comes fully kitted with everything that you need to enjoy life on the road without any fuss. 

The electrical setup is sophisticated, with a gas or electric water heater, exterior TV cable jack, and battery disconnect. Other electrical features include a 50-amp, 120-volt distribution panel, generator auto transfer switch, and rear backup camera to avoid any hiccups. 

Day-to-day living in the RV is a breeze, with a residential refrigerator and burner stove to prepare a meal. Features such as water filtration systems, lead detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors also contribute to the safety of the passengers. 

The bathroom is also a cut above the rest, with a medicine cabinet, electric roof vent, and porcelain toilet. A vinyl shower door and shower head with a flexible hose make it easy to move around in the bathroom and rinse off after each adventure.


All of the functional features are disguised in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interior. Buyers have the choice of flooring options and cabinetry finishing to best suit their tastes. 

Finishings on the handles, flooring, sink covers and windows are all tastefully done, intended to create an atmosphere of being home away from home. When the sun sets on the day, the lighting of the RV keeps the adventure alive. 

Spend time relaxing on the soft bed or comfortable living room sofa. Flick on the television or dine in the booth. If you need some fresh air, then you can step outside and soak up the view. 

Local NeXus Triumph Dealer

Have the features of the NeXus Triumph won you over? 

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At, we’re proud to sell the top brands, including the NeXus Triumph. Enjoy all of the perks that are offered by the durable and sophisticated RV. If you have a previously-owned vehicle to trade in – then we’d love to chat about that option too. 

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