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When looking for the perfect RV for your needs, it can be quite challenging. Do you choose size over maneuverability for the sake of comfort, or sacrifice the space you want for the gas mileage you need? It’s enough to drive any RVer mad! Thankfully, new models are being created all the

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Travel Trailers We Sell at Our Dealership   Traveling is part of the American lifestyle. We live in a country blessed with diverse scenery and people, and it’s only natural that we want to take advantage of this and enjoy long weekends away in the nearby national parks or beach destinations. Whether

Class B Dealer

RV Spotlight  is your Class B Dealer! We have a great selection of Class B motorhomes for you to choose from, at both our Boise, ID and our Orange County, CA locations. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find: Roadtrek Born in 1980, Roadtrek specializes solely in Class B models. The dream of

5th Wheel Dealer

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A 5th wheel is a great choice for your road trip or camping needs for a variety of reasons. Whether you want to save gas, keep your options more open with regards to your driving needs, or simply prefer a hitch that turns more efficiently, a 5th wheel is an option to

Class C dealer

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 Class C dealer: RVs are a classic way to travel and can be fundamental in helping you to create your ultimate vacation experience. But what if you don’t have a Class A or B license? Do you have to get yourself one to enjoy your dream? Great news: the answer is no.

Toy Hauler Trailer

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Have you always wanted a garage attached to your trailer? A Toy Hauler Trailer is your answer to that. It combines the comfort of mobile living space and the convenience of having an equipment hauler with you on the go. Toy hauler trailers have a garage space specifically designed to carry outdoor

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The festive season of RV purchase is again upon us and will exert great influence upon those wishing to purchase their own RV. New RVs and RV products are already making their arrivals in the market and may turn out to be a cause of mounting pressure as you once again broach

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What is an RV? A recreational vehicle (RV) will quickly come to mind when you think of motion pictures like We’re the Millers, Judgment Night, Two Weeks Notice and many more. These vehicles have always been a source of great attraction. Movie goers feel fascinated and an inner hopeful voice wants to


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Want to get away? Pack your family into a Pleasure-Way motorhome and hit the road!  Whether you just want a quick weekend getaway or have a longer trip planned, we’re confident we can find you the perfect fit for your traveling needs. Pleasure-Way is a family owned and operated business, expertly crafting

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